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Emily Cooper

Advice Website marketing: Do you use these 10 motivating words on your website?

Emily Cooper

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Sep 16, 2021
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Telling a friend a story is a great way to get their attention. You want visitors to your Website to be able to see the value in you.

The words “you” and “your” were 10 times used in the opening paragraph. They make it personal and meaningful to the reader.

To attract visitors to your site, the word ‘YOU” is one of the strongest words you have. It allows you to convey your message clearly and in a way that they can understand.

A second emotive word, ‘NEW,’ can be used to attract attention immediately and also evoke interest from targeted visitors. Because we have been taught to believe that new products or services will be better than older versions, this makes it worth buying. We all like being the first one to own something new. It gives us an opportunity to share it with our friends.

Over 100 years ago, marketing has used the term “FREE”. Despite its abuse on the Internet and the over-use of it in the past century, this word is still a powerful and important one to use on your site. We have become so used to getting free content that we expect and often are disappointed when it is not available.

If you want to keep your website visitors interested, offer them a free download.

In the preceding paragraphs, five times have been made reference to BECAUSE. It is a strong word that you can also use on your website with great success. This word gives visitors the reason to make a purchase, or subscribe to your mailing list. It can also justify the previous statement. You might say that this new product will boost your sales because …” But, visitors are interested in WHY you’re different, special, better or more valuable than other people. Using the word because is a way to give them those answers.

Before they act, your visitors want to understand exactly how the product will benefit them. This is true even for free downloads. A list can be provided with the excellent heading “Your Benefits”, which will summarize why visitors should act.

Even if you don’t want to use “benefit”, you should still detail the benefits you offer before your visitor accepts your offer.

Your Website may be the first to be viewed by most people. You must establish some credibility. TESTIMONIALS will help you to give your prospects confidence that your product/service can offer the promised benefits. While written testimonials are great, today’s high-speed Internet allows many people to expect audio and/or video testimonials.

A GUARANTEE, the second product you can give your visitors to increase their trust in your brand is also a great way to boost your credibility. You can get many guarantees, however a straightforward, easy-to-understand, money back guarantee is usually the best. To apply for a reimbursement, they should be able to provide a written guarantee and all the details. Make sure they understand the message in simple words.

The power of the word “NOW” can be a strong call to action. You can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your ‘call-to-action’ by ending it with the phrase ‘now.

You must also use REGISTER and BUY on your website. It is well-known that visitors will respond more quickly if they have many options to choose from.

Don’t be afraid to say “Buy NOW” or “Register Now!” on your website. If you give them enough reasons to take action, they will immediately want your product, subscription, or service. Let them get every chance to own it once you’ve made them want it.

Don’t be afraid to place an order.

Once the visitor has responded positively to your offer and logged in, make sure you say THANK YOU on the next page. It is this page that will determine if your visitor becomes a repeat customer with repeat orders.

A thank you page and a thoughtful gift can make it easier for them to return the favor. Unexpected gifts make the best gifts and are always remembered. You offer a free eBook, or software program to your customer when they purchase from you.

This customer will tell their friends about you Website. That is viral marketing. Unexpected gifts are a good way to become active in viral marketing.

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