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Jason Meyer

Tutorial What Is SEO – Search Engine Optimization Explained

Jason Meyer

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Mar 9, 2022
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SEO is the process of improving your placement among the search engine results on Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Google has a 62% market share Yahoo has 20%, and MSN with 10%. This means that Google is the best search engine to choose as Google searches are the most popular.

Google displays a mix of organic, local and paid search results. Although they may appear to be the same, paid advertising is not the same as organic search results. Today we will only be discussing organic results (natural) search engine results. How to achieve higher placement.

It’s not just about getting more placement, it is also about driving more visitors to your site. You will achieve better positioning for keywords of highest value to your website. You will see the results over time by creating new content for specific keywords to which you are trying to attract traffic.

You want to be in the top five positions. If you do, then you can bring a lot more traffic to your sites.

The SEO process is not quick and easy. But if you nurture a long-term campaign, or search engine optimization, then you’ll see an increase in your traffic. You’ll get more traffic from Google and Yahoo if you do it right. This is the exciting part. Imagine that one day, you have no traffic. The next day, you run a campaign to optimize your search engine results by creating keyword-targeted content and doing some other stuff that ill discuss in a moment.

Traffic will naturally increase without you having to spend anything.

What is search engine optimization?

Two pieces are included in this set…

Website visibility and content structure.

Visibility in search engines is about being mentioned on other sites and linking to your website. It takes time, and should not be done in one go.

It raises red flags to search engines about your attempts to manipulate search results. If done over time, getting to the correct web directories like Yahoo or open directoryies projects can lead to higher rankings in search results.

As long as there is mention of you here and some links, a press release also qualifies as payroll. It can also make a big difference to get links from related sites.

Adobe website is a great example of the power that links can have on online visibility. Adobe website ranks number one for search terms “click here” If you look at the Adobe website, you will see there is absolutely no search term for “click here”. It simply doesn’t exist…

Why does Adobe’s website rank number 1 in search engine results?

That’s simple.

Google is powered by the number of people linking to websites using the keyword. This was the original exposure.

Adobe remains ranked number 1 due to the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of websites linking directly to Adobe using the keyword click here to get Adobe apps. Click here to download Adobe apps is the link text. It looks like one million search results, but it actually dry out that strong search engine ranking.

Although I am sure it doesn’t add value to the campaign, this shows how powerful links can be. You can rank high for any keyword you search. If you have enough links, you will be able to get high rankings.

Let’s discuss website structure and content.

You can optimize your site in many ways.

Search engine optimization teams should be able to understand how to build a website that has both valid source code as well as engaging content. Google will link to your site instantly without you having to wait. Google also allows you to create data feeds so that you can create structure for Google and ask them to index it. This doesn’t guarantee you a higher ranking for certain key phrases, but does assist in getting those pages indexed.


You can next optimize the site by validating broken links.

You can run a program that checks for broken links. Google will crawl the site and find any.

It is important to remove excessive source code, such as Java scripts and other styles from websites. By using table less and cading style sheets based html codes you can make a big difference in the user experience. Google will also be able to scan through the pages more easily if it uses a textual and static navigator instead of images that are difficult for search engines to understand.

You must provide links made of real words like “promotion” and “marketing”, and again, you need to be engaging with your content. If they bounce back Google will note it and determine that the link isn’t being related to a site.

There’s also page-level SEO…

SEO doesn’t stop at the homepage. I am going to be focusing on several SEO vocal points at all other pages. Our concern is not to be explicit for search engines. In other words, we do more than just include the keywords we’re targeting in the title.

This is a called an action. We will also offer a value proposition that would make it more valuable than other Google listings. Additionally, we will try to put descriptions on every page that contain an introduction. These should talk about keyword themes and not just the pages themselves.

Your page level optimization is not complete without heading.

You can find templates online that create an H1 template for each page. This tells the search engine that all pages on your website have the same heading. Using new headings will allow your search engine optimization team to ensure that this is one of their criteria.

When optimizing your SEO for search terms, one thing you should do is to conduct excessive keyword research…

The most important keywords to understand in search of humans is the first step. Next, create categories and pages around the keywords that bring the most traffic.

Let’s assume I have the content tracking sheet for “remodeling”. So I have to get content tracing sheets from clients that are specific about each keyword “home remodeling”. I will create unique content on a page called “home remodeling”. I expect to write between 400 and 500 words with the image.

The next step is to assess overall site visibility

In website visibility, we mean having mention and links on websites that have made a significant impact. The chamber of commerce, and any other website on the Internet that is related in some way to the site you are trying to place. It’s unlikely that I will get a hyperlink to homeland assistances through an auto site. I think I might get it from sites with remodeling information.

As an internet search engine optimization specialist or link specialist your job is to help you get the best possible links from sites that are most relevant.

Asking websites to provide a link back to us is one way we can accomplish that.

It’s not by creating reciprocal links, three-way or other manipulation. We simply encourage them. If you are interested in our terms and conditions we will buy you coffee or send you gift cards.

Search engines do not see this as an obstacle to influencing links. You will simply go to the websites that make most sense to you in order to obtain a link to your website.

You can thank people for being busy by buying them coffee, or other small gestures. This will allow you to obtain a cheap like on your site from the pages that are most important to you. Your link build specialist should work tirelessly until they have found every link they require. Then they should try and engage with the owner of the page.

SEO can be done properly by structuring or organizing ballet content and keyword optimizing web pages with a good internal linking structure to keywords searched for.

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