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Mackson Jaes

Review What B2B buyers don’t like about traditional B2B sales

Mackson Jaes

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Nov 5, 2021
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According to new research, 86 percent of B2B buyers would like to be sold virtually. However, most salespeople say their sales organizations aren’t yet able to handle this.

Because they dislike traditional selling techniques, buyers love the online experience. Showpad, an revenue-enablement technology provider, identified the five most hated sales techniques.

  • Sellers not taking “no” for an answer even once it’s been made clear they are not interested (48%).
  • Permanent calls and messages (47%)
  • After a presentation, being hassled (31%).
  • 27% of salespeople don’t know their products
  • 24%: Getting too many information

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Buyers from B2B want to experience B2C.
. Over 75% expect social media to play a greater role in B2B business sales over the next five-years. Nearly 60% say they’ve already made a purchase following a metaverse or augmented reality demo.

The social media they’re referring to isn’t one dedicated to business. Here’s the ones they are already using the most frequently to make business purchases:

  • Facebook (69%).
  • Instagram (57%).
  • YouTube (48%).
  • LinkedIn (26%).

Salespeople get it. A large majority (90%) of B2B vendors agree that social media is important and what channels they are most effective. This makes sense as 79% claim to have a good understanding of digital first selling. Unfortunately, they don’t feel the same about their organizations: Only 27% say their business sales team fully incorporates digital selling.

This is despite 74% saying their company has a standard system and 71% saying that the company spends enough tech support to sales staff. Problem: 53% of respondents feel that they need more digital sales training.

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Showpad interviewed 508 U.S., U.K. finance and technology companies with annual revenues of $2 million to $1 Billion. The job titles of practitioners included managers, directors and executives in sales, marketing, and enablement.

We care. It’s clearly past time for old-school, pressure sales tactics to go away. Because they are the closest people to their customers, salespeople know this. Unfortunately, they may be operating in organizations or under managers that don’t fully get it yet. It’s heartening to see the huge number of salespeople who say the problem isn’t the tech or the spending on it. Institutional inertia, as well as training seem to be the biggest obstacles. This can be overcome with the help of training.

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MarTech’s managing editor is Constantine von Hoffman. Con is a veteran journalist who has reported on business, finance and marketing for CBSNews.com and Brandweek. He also served as CMO and CMO of Inc. As the Boston Herald’s City Editor, Con was also a news producer for NPR. A stand-up comedian by trade, he has given talks to anime and gaming conventions about everything, from My Neighbor Totoro, the history of dice, and boardgames. He is also the author of John Henry, the Revealer, a magical, realist novel. He lives with Jennifer and a few pets.

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