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Joachim Fest

Advice There are many ways to write a title that is creative for eBay Products

Joachim Fest

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Oct 31, 2021
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What’s the point of a title anyway? Every word counts if you want to get more people to visit your eBay listing. The title isn’t very original, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the most important lessons is to know your audience. Imagine what the rest will look like if that info is given in the opening paragraph. In the end, a title that is descriptive of your eBay product listing will increase its clicks as well. It may also improve your bids or overall profit. Sound good? Let’s begin.

Research and Recon

Be it that you imagine yourself Lewis and Clark traveling the world (or you are a spy spy hunting out competitors), doing thorough research before creating titles can be a smart idea. Look for commonalities in the landscape, and your competitors. You should also look for what you like. Write down any listing you find compelling. Although we don’t intend to duplicate other listings exactly, it’s not original. But writing down great examples can spark many new title ideas.

Brainstorming can be done!

Once you’ve completed your research and made good notes – whatever method you use to take notes – it’s now time to get to work and create your product names for the items that you list on EBay. You can write the product titles in pencil, pen or crayon. Or, you could even use your phone to copy them. It doesn’t matter if you write them in pen, pencil, crayon or even on your cellphone. The important thing is to make the idea come alive. Do not be afraid to try new things. You can make slight changes to product names if you wish. These are some tips to keep in mind during this phase.

  • Use creativity – It is essential to have creative copywriting that will make readers click to the product. Although you shouldn’t be overly creative to the point that no one will understand your message, a bit of creativity can make a big difference in how many people buy your product. Being creative can mean being unique from everyone else. If there is a hidden needle in the haystack, it will be found!
  • Ernest Hemingway won the shortest short story contest with this: “For Sale.” Baby shoes. Never used.” It’s minimalism at its finest, but it tells a tale – there are many emotions to be found in six words. While you may not want to provoke sadness in most situations, it’s important that your words are brief – particularly for eBay product names.

After, test, refine

If you are serious about growing your eBay business, it is important to “always be testin’.” You can try different methods with different products, and see how they perform with each title. Although this takes time, the results you get are invaluable. You’ll soon have the formula of winning product titles for every niche and niche. Leave a comment below if you have any other suggestions for creating creative eBay product titles.

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