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Elon Musk: People Are Ignoring What's Coming

Advice Elon Musk: People Are Ignoring What's Coming

Let's discuss the future

elon-musk about the future.jpg

While I support decentralization among nations and strive for maximum autonomy for all nations, let's imagine that we travel into interstellar space and find a large number of alien civilizations.

Well, I don't know about you, but Earth needs *someone* to be in charge, and it most definitely won't be a planet dominated by individuals!
We would need to represent our planet and our race, not just our own island, in order to project a decent image on the galaxy's playing field.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, believes that this is the largest issue facing humanity today. Musk thinks it will already be too late by the time we understand we need to band together and pool our resources.

I'm curious to know how many extinct "one-planet" civilizations there are in the universe. species that never reached another planet and eventually became extinct or were wiped out by outside forces. Probably a few.

Before we grasp the need for a united world, we're most likely to make our first contact with an alien race.

This will ultimately result in an existential crisis. This is why.

Space: The Existential Horror

The most terrifying cosmic information I've ever heard was on a Joe Rogan podcast with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Planets that are caught in the gravitational fields of many suns are referred to as "rogue planets," according to Tyson.

Due to the gravitational attraction of two or more suns, planets eventually become thrown out into space and turn into rogue, icy objects that roam among the stars.

The cosmos is a bloody nightmare.

The Earth is a tiny dot on another tiny dot. On this speck, however, have flourished countless tales, faiths, traditions, and individuals—rich, poor, heroic, or cowardly.

Elon Musk therefore sees two futures for humanity:

We will continue to live on Earth until some internal or external apocalypse event exterminates us all. That might be in a billion years. That might be tomorrow. Who can say?
We evolve into a multi-planet species to reduce our risk of extinction. A society on Mars may also assist in rebuilding Earth in the event of a meteor strike or nuclear attack.

Although the likelihood of an asteroid the size of the one that took out the dinosaurs is very low, some academics contend that we are overdue for a significant asteroid impact.

However, NASA has acknowledged that it is extremely challenging to find asteroids. In fact, only one day before passing between Earth and the Moon in 2019, an asteroid the size of a football field known as "2019 OK" was discovered. It utterly caught the researchers off guard.

An official NASA memo that Buzzfeed News was able to obtain quotes a scientist as saying, "This one did sneak up on us."

Elon Musk's Misconceptions About Alien Abductions
We are here because there are aliens. That is, at least, the fundamental defense.
We must presume that, in an endless world, there must be other people someplace, regardless of how remote the possibility of life is.

This argument is completely false.
At the very least, it is rife with paradoxes.
The universe might not be limitless, to start. We can anticipate potential edges.

Furthermore, it's a miracle we're even alive considering how unlikely it is that humans will ever exist. The likelihood of life is extremely low when we divide the number of possible pathways for life's evolution by all other possible molar combinations.

All of this is to say that aliens are not real.

They are supported by nothing more than wacky stories from Bob Lazar that have no reliable sources.

Did you know that if you don't practice religion, you're more inclined to believe in aliens?
Interesting relationship!

Although I hope to see aliens before I pass away, this "belief" is no more true than the faith that Jesus Christ will return (maybe less so since Jesus was a historical figure). Elon, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Steven Hawking may or may not be correct about aliens, but it makes no difference because Musk's assertion that there are several planetary species is still relevant and essential.

Locating Routes Off This Planet
Since Elon's wet dream is to colonize Mars, let's picture doing so.

Restoring Mars' magnetic field is the first concrete step in terraforming the planet, which is essentially a large landscaping project.

The magnetic field of Mars began to deteriorate when it was only 500 million years old. Before that, it was projected that Mars will have an atmosphere similar to Earth's with liquid water present all the time. Without this magnetic screen, the sun would vaporize a planet's atmosphere, eradicating any potential life.

Without restoring the magnetic field, terraforming Mars would be impossible since the atmosphere would just blow away once more.

(Unless they have a strategy to create an atmosphere faster than it can be destroyed.)

The only method to reactivate Mars' magnetic field is to ignite its internal dynamo, or to heat the planet to absolute boiling point! A planet heats itself through a process known as dynamo, much like an oven. It uses conductive fluid and kinetic energy, which the planet's rotation supplies (i.e. molten iron).

Elon Musk made the suggestion to destroy Mars' atmosphere because, before it can ever be livable again, it needs to be warmed up.

He doesn't want to destroy Mars because, well, he might also be a crazy narcissist sociopath. To quote Kanye West, "Name one genius who ain't crazy," though.

Final thoughts

Black people in Harlem expressed the same attitude when asked about the moon landing in 1969:
"It's a magnificent achievement, but why isn't any of that money spent to battle American hunger or lift people out of poverty?"

I understand why some could find space travel and issues that seem straight out of a Star Trek episode frustrating given all the issues on Earth.
But soon, these issues will be front-page news.
Building up a "back-up" plan is a wise idea, especially with terminology like "WW3" and "nuclear war" being bandied about in the mainstream media lately.
It might seem like a waste of time to evolve into a multi-planet species now, but it will be worthwhile.

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