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Anabella Sevyn

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Nov 5, 2021
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Many of the so called healthy foods and supplements are actually destroying your health.

Yet these companies are making billions for it. Here are the most common food scams:

OAT MILK Drinking a glass of oat milk spikes your blood sugar as much as a can of coca cola and has the same amount of rapeseed oil as french fries.
Drink raw milk


ALMOND MILK Silk, one of the most popular almond milk brands is loaded with preservatives, synthetic vitamins, toxic gums and sugar.
This isn’t to mention that almond production alone killed 4 billion bees last year in California Save the bees and your health  drink real milk


“HEART HEALTHY” SEED OILS This may be the biggest scam of them all, the food that causes the most heart disease is labeled as heart healthy by the AHA. PUFAs oxidize LDL particles, causing them to be taken up into arteries, initiating the atherosclerotic process. Eat butter.


FAKE MEAT Glorified dog food. Literally zero reason to eat. Meat is better for you, better for animals and better for the environment.


FAKE EGGS There’s literally nothing dumber than eating an egg made from plants. Eggs are God’s gift to earth, one of the healthiest foods in the world loaded with all the nutrients to help an entire chicken grow.

SOY The phytoestrogens in soy are even stronger activators of the estrogen receptor in our cells than estradiol   the estrogen we produce in our own body. Soy is more estrogenic than estrogen.


FISH OIL PILLS Fish oil is snake oil. Fish oils are comprised of highly unsaturated fatty acids that break down into the same toxins as the seed oils: MDA, HNE, acrolein They are very dangerous, linked to cancer, immune suppression, brain swelling, heart issues.

PROBIOTICS Taking probiotics is often a terrible idea. Most of them do not make it to your colon and instead remain in your small intestine where bacteria SHOULD NOT be. According to this study below they’re very dangerous and should be treated like drugs.


COMPLEX CARBS Many alternative health docs preach whole grains and complex carbs over simple carbs. But they’re much harder to digest leading to endotoxin overload and lowering metabolic rate. They also spike blood sugar more than fruit.

GRAINS, BEANS, SEEDS, NUTS These foods are the seed of the plant and they’re loaded with endogenous pesticides for protection like phytic acid, lectins, saponins, etc. Eating them often causes gut irritation and autoimmune issues. Animal foods also have way more nutrients.


KALE & UNDERCOOKED VEGGIES Kale and undercooked veggies are goitrogens, disrupting thyroid function. This is a big reason why many vegetarians have clinical or subclinical hypothryoidism


Stick to animal foods & fruit and 99% of your health problems will disappear.
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