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Mitchell Van Eimeren

Advice 9 Tips to Increase Your Email Engagement

Mitchell Van Eimeren

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Nov 5, 2021
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Email inboxes are a highly competitive environment where only the most powerful emails can survive.

Marketing emails have an average open rate at 8% 21.33%This means that most of the marketing messages are deleted by recipients without them opening. And some emails don’t even make it to the inbox (but that’s a deliverability Issue for another post

Don’t get us wrong—email continues to be the The number one route Businesses can engage customers. However, with the High volume of emails that businesses send, it’s more important than ever to try different email strategies that’ll help drive engagement with recipients.

The top will be covered in this post email marketing There are many strategies that can be used to win in the inbox, increase engagement rates and write captivating subject lines. You also have the option to send personalized content.

Let’s first discuss how. Do How do you determine email engagement?

Email engagement metrics​

Before we dive into how to increase email engagement, let’s get on the same page about what this means. Email engagement describes how recipients respond to your emails marketing campaigns.

There’s no single metric that determines email engagement rates—instead, you use various metrics that, put together, give you an idea of the percentage of your truly engaged recipients. They include:

  • Offered rate Percentage of recipients that click on marketing messages in their email.
  • Click-through Rate (CTR). This percentage is Clicks on Links All your emails that were successfully sent will be included in your email
  • Conversion rate Percentage of recipients who do the right thing, such as making a purchase
  • Rate of unsubscribe: A percentage of recipients who Unsubscribe from your communications (signaling that they don’t find your emails relevant or engaging)

Now that we’re clear on what it means, let’s explore 9 ways to improve email engagement.

1. Write irresistible subject lines​

How do you make it stop from scrolling through a sea of personal, promotional and business emails? Most often, it’s the subject line.

Your subject line can make an impression and stand out from the crowd. When it’s well-crafted, the subject line can lead to higher open rates.

What makes for a great subject line? Your best subject lines are concise, simple, and leave enough detail to keep your readers wanting more. The best ones are short and clear. Guide to Subject Lines The best practices are explored, but these Cliffs Notes will help you get started.

  • It should be short The best subject lines are under five words. Engagement is highest with subject lines of three letters.
  • Instill a sense the urgency Sending your subscribers emails with subject lines that evoke urgency and scarcity will encourage them to act quickly. There’s a fine line between urgent and spammy, however, so limit these subject lines for when the offer actually requires immediate action.
  • Use numbers You can use numbers in your subject lines to add an element of detail that will entice readers to open your email. A number could refer to an offer, a savings or interesting statistic. Subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Do not use caps or exclamation points. Subject lines using all caps and a ton of exclamation points can make your subject line look spammy (both to recipients and inbox providers) on top of making your recipients feel like you’re yelling at them.
  • It’s personal! These are subject lines more memorable to recipients and increase the chances that they’ll open the email when you personalize them. Start by using the recipient’s name in the subject line, so they’ll know the email contains a deal or promotion just for them.
  • Have fun When appropriate, subject lines that use humor can be stand out among the noise of countless boring emails. It’s a good way to appeal to recipients by using humor, puns or jokes from pop culture.

2. Optimize your preview text​

It’s easy to miss this short summary, but it is a great way to show recipients the content of an email. Use this element to tell readers what deals or information they’ll find inside. It can even be used to encourage readers to read the entire email, rather than just skimming the text.


example of email preview text

3. Make a mobile-friendly, polished email design​

Email is about what you communicate, not how. Your subscribers may not be able to digest the content in your emails if it is too difficult.

For customer engagement, simple and attractive email designs are key. They will inspire subscribers to open your email. Keep the text concise and easy to read (like Clear as in the below example), and making sure that the template is Mobile optimized, you’ll ensure it’s easy to read on any device or screen size. Recipients open over half of all emails via mobile devices.

Want a head start on your email design? Take a look at our Get free email templates.



4. Graphics can tell your story​

Most recipients don’t have the time to sift through a text-heavy email, especially when a picture could do a better job of conveying the message. So don’t just rely on email copy—include eye-catching images to make your content more engaging.

As an example, this email was sent from Jeni’s The story of the pumpkin roll ice-cream is told for anyone who wants to.


Jeni's pumpkin roll ice cream

5. Include interactive elements​

Interactive elements like Videos, GIFsYou can add games, polls and quizzes to your email design, which will keep the readers interested for longer. You can entertain your readers with these elements, and they will also help increase CTR or drive conversions.

In this article, you might include interactive elements like an animated GIF. Instacart Email to learn how email can impact your audience’s engagement.


Instacart promotional email with GIF of groceries on a conveyor belt

6. Place the CTA in prominent place​

CTA (call to action) is an important element in your email marketing strategy to increase engagement and achieve your objectives. Here are these guidelines CTA best practices To increase clicks and converts

  • Use Use a specific, compelling verb to make a strong CTA.
  • Place the CTA strategically on the top half of the page, so it’s one of the first things recipients see when they open the email.
  • Employ Use contrast colors and larger font sizes than other copy to make the CTA button stand out.
  • Assure CTA links to the correct landing page. Here the visitor can take the desired action.

See the following example. The Real Real places the CTA button front and center, so readers can go straight to the website to shop as soon as they read “90% off.”


The RealReal promotional email with black CTA button that reads shop now

7. Segment your email list​

Now that you’ve crafted an enticing subject line and designed a creative, interactive email, it’s time to press Send. Who should make the list of recipients?

Your recipients will be more inclined to open emails that are tailored to their current interests and stage of life. customer journey. Instead of mass emailing your subscriber list in one go, send them individual emails. segment your target audiences To ensure they receive relevant content.

To segment recipients, you have the option to use:

  • Demographic data: (e.g. location, age ranges, gender and industry).
  • Type of customer: (e.g. new customer, frequent customer and free trial subscriber).
  • Engagement (e.g. engaged users, inactive)
  • History of purchase or activity (e.g.. last buy, items or services viewed recently on your website etc.)

Email service providers, like Twilio SendGrid, provide email metrics and engagement analytics that can help you determine how to segment your email lists to send more personalized emails, which we’ll discuss next.

8. Personalize your content​

We already discussed addressing the customer by name in the subject line, but that’s just the beginning of email personalization. This is how to use Customer data from the first party Engage more people by sending targeted emails.

Use, for instance. Dynamic content in your marketing emails to promote products based on the customer’s previous purchases or browsing history (along with a discount code for good measure) will increase the chances that they’ll convert.

A segmentation is essential for personalization. Your audience segments can help you deliver the right message, and enable automation. If you have new customers in your segment you can instantly send them your emails. welcome email seriesIt aligns with each stage in their customer journey.

And don’t forget about transactional emails! These are the most personalized emails you’ll send, as these directly tie to the recipient’s actions. Discover more information about the most significant Transactional email templates should include the following elements.

9. Do A/B testing​

There’s no silver bullet for email marketing—it’s all about trial and error. You can also A/B test different components of your campaigns to determine which elements drive engagement.

Subject line length is one of the components you can test A/B. emojisYou can also see the preview text, sender name and CTA placement. Additionally, when sending emails you can check the time and day of your mail. How to use our? How to do A/B testing.

Twilio SendGrid can improve email engagement​

Now that you know how to craft irresistible subject lines, design engaging email content, and segment your email lists, you’re well on your way to increasing customer engagement.

But these strategies are easier said than done when you don’t have the right tools to implement them. Twilio SendGrid will help. Our Templates for email marketingDrag-and-drop and HTML editors. Automation and list management. Advertising Campaigns It provides you the right tools and information to help make your email more interesting.

SendGrid is free to try Start implementing these strategies today to increase engagement.
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