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Jason Meyer

Tutorial These 5 SEO Tools Are Free and Must Be Included in Your Search Engine Marketing Toolbox

Jason Meyer

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Mar 9, 2022
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You are a professional in search engine optimization and you understand the value of using SEO tools for your daily optimization activities. Inbound link analysis software, keyword suggestion tools and SERP checksers are essential for keyword research, keyword expansion and link building, as well monitoring changes to your website’s rank in search results.

Search marketers don’t have to pay anything for these SEO tools. There are many free options available on the Web. Below is a list of five SEO tools I use daily. I hope you find some useful tools from the list.

Search Engine Optimization for Firefox This Firefox plug-in from SEO Book is free. This tool integrates easily with Google SERPs to provide tremendous insights into SEO metrics such as Twitter mentions, toolbar PageRank and number of domains or deep pages links that my site has gained. SEO for Firefox can also show which links have been marked as “nofollow” (highlighted with red), which makes it incredibly efficient for link building. Cool features include Alexa rank and cache date, number of social bookmarks, Wikipedia citations, and Wikipedia citations.

Majestic SEO This is a great search engine optimization tool to measure link acquisition if you are building them. You will find a “daily updated” that allows you to keep track of new links and provides a journal for each day. Majestic SEO also offers some cool tools to chart the growth of your website’s links profile, with many cool visuals.

Rank Checker Rank Checker – If site ranking is important to you, then Rank Checker should be a top search tool. SEO Book’s rank checker provides daily updates on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Export data to Excel, and you can use it in a keyword ranking report. Rank Checker allows you to add multiple keywords simultaneously and save them as separate presets so that you won’t need to type the exact same keyword repeatedly.

Yahoo Link Domain Yahoo Link Domain is a great tool to find out which websites have inbound links. Yahoo Link Domain can also be used to examine the link profiles of your competitors in order to identify potential link opportunities. If you are using the SEO For Firefox plugin you can export Yahoo Link Domain result into Excel. Simply click on the “100” hyperlink and hit the “CSV” link to continue drilling down and inspecting your competitor’s links profile.

Google Webmaster Tools Google Webmaster Tools can provide valuable insight into your website’s performance and search engine visibility. You will be able to see the organic click-through rates of top 100 keywords as well as take an inventory of all internal links. This is a great tool for fine tuning your organic search marketing.

There you have it. These free SEO tools rank among the top. To make my optimization efforts more efficient and effective, and to help me become a better SEO marketer, I use all of them daily.

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