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365 Days With Self-Discipline

Giveaway 365 Days With Self-Discipline 2022-11-17

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10 Lessons from 365 Days With Self-Discipline.jpg

The following are 10 Lessons from 365 Days With Self-Discipline:

1) Living a hard life is easy; attempting to live an easy life is difficult.

2) Though decisions are made in a split second, the effects last a lifetime.

3) Determining whether to accept immediate or delayed gratification is the crux of self-control.

4) Quitting in a panicky state is risky and expensive
. The most successful quitters are those who plan their exit in advance. Wait until your panic has subsided before making a decision because you can always give up later.

5) Only we can save ourselves. Nobody can and can do it. We have to tread the journey ourselves.

6) You need to have long-term concentration if you want to achieve . The majority of our problems stem from having a short-term perspective.

7. Choosing between what you want right now and what you want most requires discipline.

8) You are confusing moderation with mediocrity
if you use moderation as an excuse not to exceed your boundaries.

9) The majority of us detest the deadening of the body
and will stop at nothing to prevent it. But we don't give a damn about the death of the soul.

10) If you accomplish something and it goes well, I believe you should move on and do something fantastic instead of obsessing over it. Just plan your next move.
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