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13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.

Giveaway 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. 2022-11-20

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13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.


A psychologist elaborates on her globally popular viral essay and provides straightforward yet practical advice for boosting mental fortitude and discovering pleasure and success in life.

Amy Morin has witnessed innumerable individuals choose to achieve while overcoming great obstacles in her roles as a certified clinical social worker, college psychology educator, and psychotherapist. Her mental toughness served as the inspiration for the blog post 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do, which went viral right away and was picked up by the Forbes website.

The topic of Morin's piece was mental toughness, namely how mentally tough people refrain from engaging in bad habits like feeling sorry for themselves, disliking other people's achievements, and ruminating on the past. Instead, they place more emphasis on the good in order to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.

Morin builds on her initial message in this encouraging book, offering readers helpful advice on how to avoid the 13 habits that might get in the way of success. She provides tips for avoiding harmful ideas, emotions, and behaviors that are common to everyone by fusing fascinating anecdotes with the most recent psychological research.

Similar to physical strength, developing strong mental habits, exercising, and working hard are necessary. Morin shares for the first time her own heartbreaking tale of tragedy and how she found the mental fortitude to move on. By teaching you how to adopt a happy viewpoint, she gives you the tools you need to emotionally handle life's unavoidable trials, failures, and heartbreaks. She makes it very apparent that having mental strength is not about being strong but rather about having the confidence to face problems in life.

Takeaways from 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do
Takeaways from 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.jpg

1. They don't waste time wallowing in self-pity.
People with strong mental faculties don't spend their time moping around and lamenting their lot in life or the way others have treated them. Instead, they accept personal accountability for their part in life and acknowledge that things aren't always fair or simple.
2. They don't transfer their authority
They do not give others the ability to control them or subjugate them. They recognize that they have power over their emotions and can choose how to react, so they refrain from saying statements like, "My boss makes me feel horrible."
3. They accept change without reluctance.
People with a strong mentality don't try to delay change. Instead, they are open to and welcoming of constructive change. They are aware that change is inescapable and have faith in their capacity for adaptation.
4. They do not waste energy on matters they cannot control.
A mentally strong individual won't whine about things like misplaced luggage or traffic congestion. Instead, they concentrate on their personal power bases. They understand that sometimes their attitude is the only thing they can control.
5. They are unconcerned about pleasing everyone.
People with great mental faculties understand that they don't have to always impress others. When required, they speak up or refuse requests without fear. They make an effort to be fair and kind, but they can deal with others getting angry if they don't make them happy.
6. They are not afraid to take calculated risks.
While they avoid taking chances that are careless or stupid, they are fine with measured risks. Before making a significant decision, mentally strong people take the time to consider the risks and advantages and ensure that they are completely aware of any potential drawbacks.
7. They avoid focusing on the past.
People with good mental faculties don't waste time regretting the past or wishing things could have been different. They can speak about their past while also expressing what they have learned from it. They don't, however, frequently revisit unpleasant memories or daydream about the good old days. They choose to focus on the present and make plans for the future.
8. They Don't Constantly Make the Same Mistakes
They take ownership of their actions and learn from their past transgressions. They stop repeatedly making those blunders as a result. Rather, they make better decisions in the future.
9. They Don't Take Offense at Others' Success
People with high mental faculties can recognize and enjoy the achievements of others. When others outperform them, they don't become envious or feel tricked. Instead, they understand that achievement requires effort, and they are prepared to put in significant effort to increase their chances of success.
10. They persevere despite initial failures.
Failure isn't seen by them as a reason to give up. Instead, they see failure as a chance to learn and develop. They are prepared to keep trying until they succeed.
11. They Do Not Fear Being Alone
People with high mental faculties can tolerate solitude and don't mind being left alone. They can use downtime to be productive and aren't afraid to be alone with their ideas. They can be happy alone since they like their own company and don't constantly rely on others for entertainment and companionship.
12. They don't believe that anyone owes them anything.
They lack a sense of entitlement in life. They didn't come into the world believing that people would take care of them or that they deserved something. Instead, they seek out possibilities based on their own qualities.
13. They don't expect instantaneous results.
Mentally healthy people aren't impatient for results, whether they're trying to get healthier or launch a new business. Instead, they make the best use of the time and abilities they have and realize that true transformation takes time.

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