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Product Linkedin sales intelligence on Product Hunt


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Jul 11, 2022
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Barcelona, Spain
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Hey everyone! 🙂
We have some important news. Closely is now on Product Hunt 🎊

Our solution Closely - LinkedIn Sales intelligence.
It helps manage and automate Linkedin outreach, also it enables people to find additional contact data on their prospects.

What it can do:
- Manage Linkedin "My Network" in a lightweight CRM
- Use tags and Notes to organize network and memorize important staff
- Automate cold outreach with high conversion rates. You can pull audience from Linkedin search, SN, posts, groups and events, or upload your own audience via CSV, create a custom messaging sequence and send it to all the audience on auto.
- Multiply the results by connecting multiple Linkedin accounts
- Enhance messaging experience by providing convenient inbox that can both enable you to work on multiple inboxes at once and filter conversations by particular sender profile, outreach campaign, or custom tags. Also, the Inbox enables you to create and store notes and tags, as well as see additional lead data right on the conversation screen.
- Find emails and phone numbers of your target audience in bulk on Closely Explorer, or right on the Linkedin pages while surfing it with Closely Surfer.
- Get inspiration or just use highly efficient templates for your messaging sequences
- And much more!

Promo code “1 month for $1” allows you to buy a Closely Personal plan for a month just for $1 (Can be used till September 30th). Check out our solution, share your feedback and rock your sales!

Check it out and join the discussion -

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