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Linkedin DM Marketing Strategy in 2023

Advice Linkedin DM Marketing Strategy in 2023

Annaliese Isha

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Nov 5, 2021
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The more clever you get the higher response rate.

1. LinkedIn is inundated with tedious connection requests for business owners.

Here are some common ones.

1. Make it a double for "name," bartender!

Oh, how I wish we could communicate in person. However, I suppose LinkedIn will have to suffice for now.

Get in touch!

"Your name"

2. Hello, name>

In the world, there are only two kinds of people.

There are individuals who excel in their "niche" and those who don't.

Without making fun, I'd want to connect!

3. Insert cheesy joke here about their sector.

Why do SEO professionals enjoy driving during rush hours?
They enjoy the commotion.

Alternately, you might begin with a gentle pitch by providing the prospect with a free resource or audit. Here's how I approach that:

Hello, name! I noticed you were in their "niche" area.
One phrase describing how businesses in your industry of service are failing.
Would you be interested in a free resource to assist with the issues you just mentioned or an audit to determine the issues they are now experiencing?

2. You need to engage your prospects in a genuine conversation

The majority of you err here. The majority of business owners on LinkedIn anticipate your pitch, which suggests you don't genuinely care about them or their company. You may present yourself as a "partner" rather than just another faceless organization by having even one genuine human discussion.

A comparable statement based on profession Hey! I'm excited to network with more copywriters. Which markets do you write for?
- Hello, midday! Do "niche" companies have a lot of business at this time of year?
- Use a personal connection to the industry (a parent, uncle, or mother who works or has worked there)

You might simply just start a conversation about something from their profile, such awards they've won or sports teams they support, etc.

3. What percentage of your sales are made online?

It is a question about the service you offer. (CRO + web design)
- Do you use Klaviyo to send email campaigns? (Marketing via email)
What does the conversion rate for your store look like? (CRO + web design)
Where do you get the majority of your business? (lead-sourcing)
- How satisfied are you with your Google ranking? (SEO)

Encourage a dialogue in which you learn about the problems with their company.

4. The Pitch

There are several methods for doing this.

We switch it up between customized loom videos and the scripts shown here. Always conduct tests

Typical sales pitch: Describe your week. Would it be a bad idea to schedule a time when we can talk about how "your service can remedy the problem you discovered they had"?

Looking forward to your response!

Value-focused: By using your solution, which "achieved X quantifiable result," we recently assisted a "recent client you worked with."

Occasionally, 6-7 follow-ups are required to close a sale. Additionally, when following up, send them a message from their profile and commend them on it. Also, mention their top three skills.
- Like their Facebook page.
- Emailing or making cold calls


I'm just bumping this up in your inbox because I know you're busy.
- I'm just bumping this to make sure you remember our talk.
- Hello, just dropping a message into your mailbox in case you have any inquiries regarding our services.
- Hello, name> Since we haven't heard from you in a while, I was just wondering if you had any questions about our services.
Hey name>, just wanted to share a recent victory on our end! Case study lead Describe a recent client success story that you have had.

sent over 7 messages, but no one has replied? Do they read but remain silent? In an effort to get the prospect to say anything, we employ two alternative techniques.

Method One:

Hey, the last thing I want to do is to keep messaging you if you're not interested in receiving them.
If you could comment and let me know which number relates to you, I would appreciate it.
1. I'm not interested in "your service," therefore please don't bother me
2. I'd like to learn more about "your service," please get in touch.

METHOD 2: Customized images and GIFs

Although you can use these wherever in your sequence, we only ever find them to be absolutely necessary. Use these at your discretion, just as you would with a highly customized sequence like this.
Use your computer's built-in paint tool to add the client's name to an image of a charming animal holding a sign.

service offer.jpg

Animals are adept at interrupting patterns and getting a reaction.

That's it. Let me know if you have any question on the comment section.
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