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Lamonte Lion

Education How to Get Meetings Booked in 2023

Lamonte Lion

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Nov 5, 2021
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The exact method I used to get a >3% booked meeting rate

and positive replies like this:


even on the 9th step.

Transparently, when I first saw the reply come through..

I was bracing for the typical “NEVER CONTACT ME AGAIN” email

But, I was pleasantly surprised

And yes, that really is in response to the 9th email

Typically I wouldn’t run a cadence of that length (whilst still being a pretty intense sending schedule)

But this particular target market wasn’t huge, so it was a case of squeezing everything we could out of it.

Let’s dive into the sequence👇🏼

Day 1, Step 1

Subject: RE: [MyCompany] x [CompanyName]

[FirstName] - we just wrapped up some work with a few other [CompanyTypes] to double the efficiency of their [problem area] workflows in [timeframe]

This resulted in them being able to [outcome] more effectively and hit growth targets faster

LMK if we should explore opportunities


3 Days Later

Subject: RE: [MyCompany] x [CompanyName]


4 days later

Subject: [FirstName] & Jamie - Intro

[FirstName] - similar [CompanyTypes] work with us to half the time their teams spend on [problem area], allowing them to scale & hit growth targets more effectively

We enable platforms to streamline the [current processes involved in problem area] to allow teams to move faster

Worth a chat?


Sent from my iPhone

3 days later

Subject: [FirstName] & Jamie - Intro

[Waiting related meme]

7 days later

Subject: Recorded a video for you [FirstName]

[FirstName], if you’re anything like the other [CompanyTypes] in your space that we helped to scale faster, then it may be worth us having a chat.

Recorded a quick video for you here to explain further:


Let me know if we should continue the conversation, or if I should give up on a career behind the camera


5 days later

Subject: Hi [FirstName]

[FirstName] - we’ve been partnering with [CompanyTypes] like [CompnayName] to optimise [problem areas].

We enable businesses to streamline the [processes behind problem areas]

Are you open to continuing the conversation?


6 days later

Subject: RE: Hi [FirstName]

**Waiting Meme**

5 days later

Subject: RE: [FirstName] - Jamie

[FirstName], this is a cold email

(feel free to stop reading if not relevant)

We’ve recently been working with [CompanyTypes] in this space and found that 70% didn’t have an automated [problem area] process in place to [outcome] in an efficient manor. The other 30% were interested to learn more about how they could improve their current process to scale faster.

We typically work with execs like yourself to unlock hours of wasted time on their current process, allowing [CompanyTypes] to grow more effectively with a process in place that scales with them.

Are you open minded enough to continue the conversation? If not, no worries



Subject: RE: [CompanyName]

[FirstName], how does [CompanyName] [Carry out current inefficient process]?



I know.

Out of that whole process..

A one sentence question got the conversation going.


Anyway, that’s it for the cadence, let me know if you found any value in it!

If you’re a business with an offer that generates clear, quantifiable impact, you have a large TAM, AND some wicked case studies..

but you’re struggling to get enough opportunities to even sell to your market

Then let’s talk

I’ve got a few ideas on how we can fix that.
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