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How to Close More Sales Using the Phone in 2023

Advice How to Close More Sales Using the Phone in 2023

Tips For Cold Calling That Will Keep Prospects On The Line And Boost Sales

sales cals.png

You need to make a few adjustments to this structure depending on your service.

There are 3 sections in this SS:

2. Sell the dream

Start with a general conversation, try to discover a point of commonality as you tell a few jokes.
The intention is to make them feel more at ease and lighten the tone.

Keep this section brief (about 1-3 mins)

Ask them about their company and what motivates them to do what they do.

Hey John, this is how I generally conduct my demo calls. I'm going to start by asking you a few basic questions so I can learn more about you and your business. We'll talk about your present circumstances, your objectives, and how I may assist you in achieving them. Finally, we'll determine whether or not we click.

With that said, John, why did you consent to speak with me?
Here, you are essentially stating the obvious by pointing out that they are either ready to collaborate with you or at the very least are considering it.

You now inquire about their company with a few basic inquiries like:

- Tell me more about your service.
- How much money does the company make each month?
- How do you now reach out to people?

Sell the vision:

How many more customers can you now handle?
What percentage of sales meetings result in sales?
Assume that they can accept three to four clients, and that their conversion rate is around 50%.

So John, if I set up 10 meetings for you and your conversion rate is 50%, do you think you can achieve your objectives?


Let me demonstrate how I will carry that out for you. (Now walk them through each step of your procedure.)

The conclusion is the most crucial section.

The finest thing you can do to help you close more business is to OFFER
Make it absolutely irresistible, like this

10 appropriate meetings each month, or there are no fees.
Payout is limited to 20% of sales.

Demonstrate that there is no risk present.

Extra points:

Always talk authoritatively and from a position of strength.
Never lower your price, offer a payment plan, or do anything else. Before the call, do some research on the prospect.
Make them feel as though you genuinely comprehend their issues.

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