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Jason Meyer

Education How to Automate Your Email Marketing with Flows

Jason Meyer

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Mar 9, 2022
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How to automate your email marketing with flows​

Before we get into this just know that flows will not cover your email marketing. You still need to be sending out multiple campaigns a week if you want to generate an extra 30%+ of your brand’s revenue

That being said, here are all the flows you will need to fully maximize your email marketing automation:

Welcome series​

This will send to someone when they first subscribe to your email list

The primary goal with this is to introduce your brand and products to your new subscribers and encourage a first purchase

Some ideas for emails in the welcome series:

  • The founders story
  • Tell them what you want them to know (e.g. share your social media channels, your rewards program etc)
  • How the product is made
  • Exactly what the product is and how it works
  • Testimonials / case studies from other customers using your product
  • Show them your best selling products

Provide good content in these emails and then include a good CTA at the end getting them to purchase your product/s

Browse abandonment flow​

This is triggered when someone in your list goes to your site and visits a product page but doesn’t start or complete a checkout

To use this flow, you have to configure “Viewed Product Web Tracking”

The goal of this is to remind the user of the product they viewed and to try and convince them to purchase it this time.

Don’t be too pushy. You can also add a discount in here if you really want to, although I wouldn’t always recommend it.

Abandoned cart flow​

This is when someone actually adds something to their cart but then doesn’t complete the transaction

If you know that your product has something that may cause potential customers to hesitate on buying it then you can address it in this email

It can also be good to include a case study from someone who previously bought the same product and show how it improved their life

Make sure to add a prominent CTA to these emails trying to get the customer to buy the product.

You can send a second email (excluding people who already purchased from the first email) and add a discount to encourage your subscribers to actually purchase the item

Price drop flow​

This notifies a customer that a product they recently viewed has dropped in price

The aim of this is to capture price-sensitive customers who like your products but maybe aren’t ready to pay the full price for them

It’s pretty self-explanatory and basic. You’re just updating your customers on the price of a product they’ve shown interest in and adding a CTA

Post-purchase flow​

After someone buys one of your products the aim is to turn them into a loyal customer

The best way to do this is to target them with a post-purchase flow.

Here are some ideas on how you can do this:

  • Send them a thank you message a day or 2 after they purchase
  • Send them product content, reviews, how to use videos etc while the product is in the shipping process to get them excited

Upsell / Cross-sell flow​

Promote related products to increase your average order value (AOV)

Start with core products the go well together or use the ‘frequently bought together’ strategy

This is a simple and great way to increase the AOV of your customers and therefore make more money with your ecom brand

Review request flow​

After your customer has your product you can ask them for a review

Not only will this let you know how you can improve your product AND show the customer that you care about their opinion

It will also get more replies to your emails. Email providers like to see this as it makes you look more legit and your deliverability will improve

Back in stock flow​

When one of your products goes out of stock make sure to have a ‘remind me when this product is back in stock’ option on your website

People will put in their emails so that they can be notified when this product is back in stock. Use this as it usually means the customers are hyper interested in this specific product

When you get more in stock and send these flows out your conversion rates will be super high

Referral flow​

This will send to your solid customers.

Let them know that they can get something in return for referring one of their family or friends to your brand


Give them a link that they can send to their friends. If one of their friends use it give them $15 off their order and the original customer will also get $15 off their next order !

It’s best to send this to customers you have already had for a while and who love your brand

Winback flow​

A winback flow identifies lapsed customers and encourages them to make another purchase. Unlike a post-purchase or cross-sell flow, these customers have waited longer than you hoped or expected they would to make another purchase.

The aim is to win them back and encourage them to make a purchase again

Don’t wait too long because they can just be a lost customer, but send it after they have lapsed your average buying cycle

Make sure it’s personalized and acknowledge that it’s been a while since they last made a purchase with you.

Offer them some sort of incentive or discount to try and win them back and get them interested in your brand again
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