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Jason Meyer

Tutorial Here are five essential tools for ecommerce marketing

Jason Meyer

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Mar 9, 2022
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With the increasing use of mobile devices and the increased popularity of online shopping, more and more consumers are turning to the internet for their purchases. To help increase sales, almost every retailer should consider opening an ecommerce shop.

Selling products online is just one aspect of marketing. Ecommerce shops have two great marketing channels: Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), and search engine optimization (SEO). SEO and PPC both increase advertising exposure for certain products on an ecommerce website in search engine results pages. An ecommerce site with greater visibility will generate higher traffic and more sales.

There are several SEO & PPC tools available that will better your ecommerce marketing campaigns. You can use many of these free tools to optimize your Internet marketing strategy.

SEO Digger

SEO Digger, an online SEO tool available for free, is designed to optimize websites for Google. This SEO tool is free to use. Simply go to the site (seodigger.com), type your URL and then click on search. This tool will show you which websites rank in the Google search results.

It is useful in that you can see if the website has been clearly identified in Google. It is easy to see the top ranking sites without having to purchase rank-checker software. SEO Digger also allows you to identify the top keywords of your competitors, which will help you create an efficient ecommerce SEO strategy.

Google AdWords Preview tool

Google AdPreview (Google AdWords Preview tool) is another helpful tool that can be used for Pay Per Click advertising. Google AdWords has become the most used platform for paid search advertising. This tool allows you to fine-tune your campaigns and help optimize them. AdPreview will show your text ads as they appear in Google’s results.

You can preview the ads without placing impressions on your account. A preview will not result in decreased CTR or click through rates. Google AdPreview gives you the ability to choose the place where your ads are promoted. This allows you see how the ads would look for users in that location. The AdPreview feature in AdWords allows you to determine the effectiveness of your ads placement with regard to your bid price.

SEO Book Firefox plugin

SEO Book’s Firefox plugin is another useful tool to optimize search engines. This Mozilla Firefox plugin displays 22 SEO metrics from the Google SERP. This includes incoming links and Domain age.

These data are extremely valuable in competitive analysis. Internet marketers are able to gauge the strength of their competitors’ pages using information such as PageRank and incoming links.

Google Sets

Google Sets (Google Search Engine Tools), is a unique tool by Google Labs. The Sets tool is a great way for marketers to get insight and keyword ideas. You simply need to enter keywords that interest you and Google will show you relevant search terms. Although Google Sets is being considered for possible closure, many professionals have petitioned to keep it open as they feel that this tool is easier to use than the Google Keyword Tool.

AdCenter Keyword Mutation Tool

AdCenter Keyword Mutation tool is our last tool that can be used for SEO as well as PPC optimization. This tool allows you to identify keywords with unique spellings, sometimes misspellings, and typos. You can optimize your website by using this tool. Web users may not be able to find your site if there are misspellings, typos, or omissions. This tool is one of many Microsoft AdCenter Ad Labs tools.

Here are five tools that will help with your ecommerce Internet advertising. These tools can help you find opportunities for your strategy and increase your marketing effectiveness.

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