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Mackson Jaes

Review Accept the Struggle

Mackson Jaes

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Nov 5, 2021
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This road isn’t going to be easy. This is something you already know. Yet, I come across so many young entrepreneurs that approach me with grand ideas and incredible passion but unless you’re willing and able to embrace the struggle you’re about to encounter, it’s going to be ten times harder. Why? Because if you’re fighting back the struggle and angry at it, frustrated and so forth, you’re not winning, but rather losing.

My girlfriend Nicole often says to me “What is the secret to this success? What can you do to overcome every major setback?” I answer, “The struggle is something I accept”. Take the stress and fatigue of trying something difficult that few others are capable of. You can be proud that you worked hard for something that matters to your heart.

Passion will get you ½ way there. Embracing the struggle will get you past the second ½.​

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with one of most prominent personalities and professional on the Internet. It was a great meeting. We did dinner in New York City and I probably didn’t feel my face for a week before and after this occurred. After returning to NYC, I had more meetings. The surreal events that were taking place caused me even greater trepidation. It turned out that what I expected would go down actually took a turn, as is the way with life. It’s not going to be a straight-line guys!

Let’s get to the bottom of it. It was a stoppage of the project that we had planned to do together. The problem was not my fault, nor the project. It was timing, and all that. Did I feel bummed? You bet. Was I destroyed? No!. My girlfriend, friends, and family all expected a major meltdown. What did I do? No, of course not. You are in the middle of it guys. This is the time in your life when there’s going to be euphoric highs and heart crushing lows. You are what you think. This is why I decided to make this an experience, a tool like a sword. After a few of these experiences, you’ll be wielding a battle-axe. You can also use one mental.

So, when you’re up, or down, it really doesn’t matter. You should embrace your struggle every day and try to do so from all angles. You have heard it all. It is not yours. Accept it.

Rob Ianelli is a 23 year old entrepreneur residing on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, MA with his girlfriend Nicole. Born in New York, Ianelli is a graduate from American University in Washington DC in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. Hip Visions LLC is his second company. It’s a continuation of his passions, life experiences, and personal interests. He loves draft beer, yellow labs, and being around great people.

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