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Anabella Sevyn

Review A Digital Multimeter

Anabella Sevyn

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Nov 5, 2021
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The digital multimeter can be one of the most useful and versatile tools in an auto shop. A good digital multimeter is essential and you should know how to properly use it. The digital multimeter actually combines three different devices. This is an ammeter which measures the electrical potential of a device in volts. This is an ammeter which measures electric current flowing through the device. These amps are measured in watts. A digital multimeter, which measures the electrical resistance of an item, is also known as an ohmmeter. The unit of electrical resistance is the ohms.

Digital multimeters today are ruggedized and simple to use. Good multimeters have rugged, plastic cases and simple-to-use knobs. This is the part that contains the digital reading out screen. You should carefully inspect this screen before purchasing one. It is important that you have a large screen so it can be read clearly. Also, make sure to view the LCD in daylight. This instrument is likely to be used outdoors under direct sunlight.

The function switch is located below the digital readout. It’s a knob that looks like a big button. This function switch lets you change the mode that the digital multimeter operates. You can change the mode of your digital multimeter from ammeter to voltmeter by turning the dial. You should also ensure that the function switch has a large, easy-to use size. Most function switches can be used in eight positions. Three V markings are used to measure voltage. These markings measure voltage in millivolts. The next position will have two A and A= markings. The A= indicates AC current in amps while the A= signifies DC current in amperes. The upside down horseshoe Ω measures resistance in ohms.

First, power on your digital multimeter to measure the voltage. Then let it start up. The unit will then start its self-diagnostic check. After that, you can measure voltages. Turn the function switch on to V= for DC volts. Connect the black and red leads to your digital multimeter. Connect the red lead to the red input terminal labeled VΩ and connect the black lead to the terminal labeled COM for common terminal. By connecting the red lead to the terminal marked VO, and the black lead to the terminal marked COM for common terminal, you can now measure the voltage.

You must connect the leads in a completely different way to measure amps. Set the function switch in A=. The black lead should be connected to the COM terminal. Connect the red wire to terminal marked 300mA. The meter is now connected in series. This can be done by opening the circuit and placing the meter among the open points. Because you’re using the 300mA terminal, your results will come out in milliamps.

A digital multimeter’s third characteristic is the ability to measure Ohms. Ohms can be used to measure resistance in an electric circuit. The device to be measured must first be disconnected from all power and wiring. Now turn the function switch to the Ω position and connect your leads. The red lead is connected to the terminal labeled VΩ and the black terminal connects to the COM terminal. The indicator will show OL. This indicates that there has been an overload. Connect the lead across the device and measure Ohms.

These are the main functions of a digitalmultimeter. Before you store your multimeter in your toolbox, make sure it is turned off. It is important to have a fully charged battery for the next time that you use it. You can find a variety of good brands today. You can’t go wrong buying one of the Fluke digital multimeters.

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