10 Top Lessons from Making a Make Your Bed (A Best-selling Book) 📗 Book Review
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1. Complete the Task and Start the Day-Getting the Bed Right is important because it shows discipline and attention to detail. did.
✅ It will show
you that small benefits are important and will encourage you to endure the work in front of you all day long.

2. You can't do it alone – If you want to change the world ... Find someone to help you with your paddle.
✅ We face
many obstacles in our lives and need help to overcome them.

3. Only the size of your heart is important-if you want to change the world ... measure people with their size of heart.
✅ Your
will to succeed depends on the size of your heart. There are no other issues with height, race, ethnicity, education level, social status, etc.

4. Life is not fair-keep driving! -Stopping attempts is easy to blame many of your external forces in life, as you believe that fate is against you.
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✅ Define yourself by overcoming the injustices of life. Don't go any further by complaining or blaming anyone.

5. Mistakes can make
you stronger-in life you make mistakes and face the circus.
You have to deal with the consequences, but you can overcome the mistakes.
✅ Your failure
can educate, motivate, and empower you to deal with the difficult decisions
you have before.

6. You have to dare to do a lot-life will be difficult, and if you risk, you can fail and deal with obstacles.
Unless you boldly get out of your comfort zone, you will not be able to reach your full potential.

7. Confront the bully – If you don't have the courage, the bully will hijack and prey on the victim.
you need to have a clear vision or goal about what you want to achieve. Your vision gives you the courage to overcome obstacles and confront people along your way

8. Stand up for a cause-if you want to change the world ... do your best in the darkest moments.
✅ No matter how dark it gets, you need to complete the mission. It makes you stand out from anyone else. "
9. Give people hope-hope is very powerful because it can inspire the greatness of people and nations.
You can be the one who hopes to improve tomorrow, relieves pain and lifts yourself and those around you.
10. Never stop! -You will experience difficult moments in your life. But don't give up.
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They can choose to be victims of compassion, discrimination, or sadness.Or you can't give up on your dreams and yourself to overcome obstacles. 💯 If you don't know what's wrong, you can't improve.Take time for tranquilityControl your mind • Work on a mental model to practice your decision-making skills. Practicing critical thinking!