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Tools that will help you grow your business

The internet makes it easy to reach the mass market. If you don’t market your brand, you’ll have no idea who’s buying what. That’s an automatic loss.
In order to use the right marketing tools for your business, you need to know what to do, and how to do it. Online marketing is new digital marketing that allows you to reach a wider audience than was ever thought possible before. With its help, you can market your products to people who don't even know that they want them.

Use media to improve your sales! It will help you find potential customers in new ways.
Use the email and website that you use now, and get more sales.

Types of Marketing Tools
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There are two main types of tools that are important for developing a strong brand, but the best way to learn them is by doing themI .t's a bit of a challenge to succeed, but you have the right strategies and tools.For startups, it is never easy. A skilled startup marketing agency will build the marketing foundation of your business for you. They can help you develop your brand using their expertise and readily available marketing tools. If you give your audience the tools to succeed, they'll use those tools to reach their goals.

Planning Tools


With a Commercial License, XFunnels Builder is the Best Smart Funnel Builder Software for Quickly Creating ANY Type of Funnel and Pages, including High Converting Funnels, Pages, Websites, eCom Stores, and More, and Getting 10x More Sales, Leads, and Profits. With the Smartest Funnel Builder in the XFunnels Builder Software, you can create any arrangement you can imagine and bring it to life with the drag-and-drop interface and Live Editor.

The software will instantly produce beautiful, user-friendly live pages or funnels using templates that have been shown to work in any niche. immediately create high converting funnels (Page Funnels, Webinar Funnels, Lead Funnels, Traffic Funnels, etc.).

You will receive the Xfunnels STARTUP Plan as a Createx Digital PREMIUM member (the highest level of access)

With this Createx Digital Marketing Tools Package, you will receive Xfunnels Inclusive and save more than 90% compared to the Xfunnels Startup Plan, which costs $99/month and $708/year.

Planners are a powerful way to stay organized. It's best to plan your online business before starting it. Planning tools are the best way to start your business plan. There are several marketing tools available for startups, but the most effective ones can cost thousands of dollars per month..

Trello is an online collaborative workspace for your teams to collaborate on plans, tasks, and documents. It works for companies and businesses of all sizes. You can put parts of the projects into different boards. Start-up marketing firms use Trello to plan their sales and marketing strategy. Examples of these marketing strategies include: using social media marketing, using SEO (search engine optimization), and advertising your products through other channels. You can also use it to assign tasks to the team members.

Another planning tool is Asana

This tool helps you organize your projects. It's a must-have. On Asana, everyone’s work is visible at a glance. Everyone knows what they’re working on and when they can use it with other tools and achieve their goals. Social Media Tools Your social media presence is an important aspect of your business.Social media advertising allows you to reach more people. You can use it to generate more leads by telling them about your service that's different from the competition. This tool also helps you to make new connections and meet potential customers. Start-up marketing companies use this tool in several ways. It may be appropriate for a certain age range or demographic.

It depends on the type of content the brand is marketing. Using social media tools is easy. Posting content can include pictures, videos, status updates, etc.
It's possible to use this content in different ways. It could be pictures, skits, articles, etc.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are examples of social media tools.
While these social media marketing tools can’t replace the benefits of SEO for business, they can be an important addition.
This is a marketing tool used for social media.


FireList is a cutting-edge cold email marketing tool with a done-for-you automatic engine that instantly warms up your email list, email accounts, domains, and IPs! Nothing Else Will Aid in Improving Your Open Rate and Sender Score. In addition, FireList provides a lot more services than only email.
To make sure that your warmup email sequences and follow-up emails land in the inboxes of your prospects rather than the dreaded spam folder, you may upload your email list, create personalized templates, and schedule the distribution of these emails. also at the ideal moment!

To put it simply, using FireList will ensure that your emails NEVER AGAIN END UP IN SPAM!
without having to make you do all the tedious account warming work! A platform like FireList is essential for any business and entrepreneur. FireList allows you to add an unlimited number of contacts and send an unlimited number of emails each month. Send as many emails as you can after adding your SMTP and autoresponder to FireList. Using FireList, you can schedule emails to send at particular times, absolving you of that duty. To bulk upload, your email contacts to Firelist, use the CSV file type.

The FireList STARTUP Plan will be available to you as a Createx Digital PREMIUM member (the highest level of access)
Cost of the FireList Startup Plan: $147/Month $1764/Year
BUT You Will Get FireList Inclusive And Save More Than 90% With This Createx Digital Marketing Tools Package.

HootSuite is an easy-to-use tool for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking platforms.

Starting a company is all about building relationships. This online tool lets users link their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. This way, they can operate in a single space. In addition, users can connect to over 20 social media applications. Content Marketing Tools The best content marketing tools help you generate, organize, share, and track content. That’s why it’s important to put out the right content. Creating content that works for your brand is easier with these tools. Write content that reflects your brand and appeals to your audience. These tools are used to plan and create content. Here are a few of the best tools for startup marketing.


This is a content creation tool. It lets you create and run marketing campaigns for your brand.

This tool is easy to use and user-friendly. This tool is not only for content creation. You can use this tool for tracking performance, as well as managing a customer relationship. Online SEO tools make you more efficient in online marketing. This is for your marketing and SEO. You need a plan and tools to improve your media presence, using keywords that'll help people find you online.

Below are some of the best SEO tools and resources for SEO optimization and iteration

It's the perfect tool for generating keyword ideas.

The tool helps you find top organic keywords. It also estimates how much traffic a competitor receives for each search term. You can find the best content to include in your posts and pages and discover the top - performing backlink sources, so you can start ranking for the highest quality keywords this can increase the number of people who visit your business site.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics
allows you to track your traffic so you know what kind of visitors are coming to your website, what pages they’re visiting, and for how long

You can use more than one Google tool at once—SEO, B2B, etc. One of the best parts of being a startup is that you can track your marketing progress. They can track how most of their engagements come in. With this analysis, they can make improvements.

Search engine optimization tools

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Best All-In-One SEO Tool.


SERanking is a fantastic SEO tool that gives you the complete SEO system for companies as well as organizations.
All search and SEO-related analysis procedures can be carried out using SERanking.
This includes the research of keywords as well as competitor analysis, site audits, and so on.
SERanking also has features like rank monitoring along with backlink analytics.

Use the website Audit tool to review your website for mistakes that could affect the SEO performance of your site.

You can also use this SEO tool to monitor your backlinks, keywords, and more

With marketing functions that are included in their plans, SERanking is among the most popular and widely used SEO tools in the marketplace.

The most important features are:​

  • Keyword research can help you identify the most relevant keywords for your SEO marketing campaigns.
  • A thorough website audit will ensure your site is always ahead of the pack by spotting any mistakes that could be impacting the SEO performance.
  • API Access gives you programmatic access to SERanking's data and other features.
  • The marketing plan tool can help you develop a custom marketing strategy for your company.
  • Check backlink monitoring to identify links that might be missing or damaged and then monitor your site for any new backlinks that are added.
  • On-Page SEO checker analyses the structure and code of your site to make sure that your site is optimized for search engines.
  • White Labelling Features allow SERanking reports to be branded with your logo and brand name.


SERanking Pricing.png

The three price plans available when SERanking is involved:
  • Essential: $39.20/month
  • Pro: $87.20/month
  • Business: $191.20/month


  • Businesses who want to increase the ranking of their websites will find SERanking an effective tool.
  • SEO professionals can make use of SERanking to assist them in their research on keywords as well as competitor analysis and website audits.
  • Digital agencies can make use of SERanking to promote SEO services to clients and provide complete reports.


  • More details about competitors might provide further insight.
  • Simple suggestions for making use of the available quotas would help when beginning.
  • SometimesSERanking is unable to find backlinks traffic or keyword information for smaller, less well-established websites, which could be disappointing in the market.
Get started with SERanking.

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Help you beat the competition from other companies. It’s about how to improve your media presence. SEO tools help you use keywords that will lead your customers to your site.This is one of the best SEO tools for optimizing your website.

Ahrefs is the perfect tool for generating keyword ideas.

You don’t have to pay for every tool to see how you stack up against your competitors. You can also identify top-performing content and sources of backlinks. This will increase the number of people who visit your business site. We are looking for people who would like to do online affiliate marketing from home.

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to monitor your website’s performance and make changes. The tool also provides analytics for mobile and desktop users.

Startups can use more than one Google tool at once. They can use SEO, B2B, etc. It’s great to have the ability to track your marketing progress. It can be tricky to know which of your clients are talking about you, but they can be really helpful to you. With this analysis, they can make improvements. If you are looking to run effective A/B tests or multivariate tests, Hotjar will get you there quickly.

This is similar to Salesforce's analytics. You can track your product behavior, and our sales activities and see how customers respond to your product customers can interact with their content online and in stores as well. A company can use this survey to improve its marketing strategy. E-mail marketing tools give you the ability to send your products and promotional material to your customers, and even offer them special deals. Some people prefer to be contacted through email. You can send content about your business to them. If they are interested, contacting you will be easy for them. You should avoid spamming your customers when using this tool.

Hire a startup marketing agency to do the job. They'll make your business look attractive, and they'll help it get off the

1. This product is the best for email advertising.

2. What is the best strategy for using these strategies?


MailChimp is an email marketing tool. It helps businesses to start and use email marketing.MailChimp is great for organizing email campaigns for your business. You can also create custom templates and designs for brands. Mailchimp also allows you to create landing pages for your brand. If your customers are having a difficult time navigating or completing a checkout process, it will make it more likely that they’ll abandon



In terms of SEO or digital marketing tools, Serpstat is a one-stop-shop.
In terms of optimizing the SEO or running ads or content marketing campaign, Serpstat assists users with almost everything.

The Serpstat tool is a keyword research tool as well as competitor research, PPC analysis and more.
The interface is easy and user-friendly to minimize complications. Additionally, it helps website owners keep overview of backlinks from their competition.

Key Features:​

  • Website Analysis Serpstat conducts an analysis by keeping track of the domain name and URL of the site. The analysis is in-depth SEO as well as PPC study.
  • Keyword Research - Keyword research can include group research, searching suggestions content marketing, volume of searches as well asSERP analyses.
  • Backlink Analysis Complete backlink information over the past two years, and simultaneously keeps the track of the strategies of your competitors' backlinks.
  • Site Audit Site Audit Cleans your website HTML, speed, and page and will not let you be a victim of any error that could occur.



Serpstat offers four pricing plans, which include the option of yearly and monthly subscriptions. The Lite plan is priced at $69 for a month, the Standard plan costs $149 The Advanced plan is $299 and the Enterprise costs $499. There is also a 30-day trial for free.

USED for:​

  • The search for ad strategies and budget of your competition
  • Verifying the relevancy of various pages
  • Finding keyword variations, and gathering international data.
  • Universal search results tracking.


  • Site auditing can be very slow on websites with a lot of traffic.
  • Sometimes, the keywords are incorrect.
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Moosend is a user-friendly, affordable email marketing tool.

Landing pages have proven to be great for marketing campaigns and they are easy to create. Companies use this tool to send information to their customers. For example, they can send product news and offers via email newsletters.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Tools
  • More profits.
  • They help you reach more people.
If you want to increase your brand visibility, you need to become more visible.


Digital marketing is a great way to make your business better.
Make sure you understand these tools as you set goals for your brand it's important to understand them.
This will make you a better marketer. By using the tools, you will be able to plan strategies to reach your marketing goals
Some of the best SEO companies can provide all services. None of them is a one-stop shop.
Don’t make any mistakes by choosing just one of them without carefully considering which one might work best for you.