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Step 1: Make it a habit
Evenings come and you just want to relax. But having a routine to unwind and reflect is key.
A solid evening routine will help you reflect on the day and become a better version of yourself tomorrow.

Step 2: Avoid exercise before bed.
Your body needs:
• Lower heart rate
• Slowing down of brain waves
• Let your body temperature settle

Exercise leads to:
• Higher heart rate
• Raised levels of arousal
• A higher body temperature

If you need to move, do a gentle walk.

Step 3: Ask yourself powerful questions

1. What are the loops running in your head?
2. Who can you reach out to tomorrow?
3. Whose life did you improve today
4. What’s your highlight of today?
5. What could you improve on?
6. How did you score today?
7. Are you happy tonight?

Step 4: Journal Daily

Reflection ensures you are in control of your life.
Use stream of consciousness writing to:
• Inspire Creativity
• Strengthen memory
• Improve Mental Health
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Track progress and self-growth

Step 5: Meditate

Apart from the benefits to your mood and mental wellbeing, meditation also boosts your productivity.
Use an app like Headspace or Calm to get started.

Step 6: Prepare for tomorrow
Tomorrow’s success is determined the evening before.
Identify the One Thing will make tomorrow a success. Review your calendar and to-dos. Lay out your clothes.

Step 7: Read
Nothing helps you settle for bed like reading.
But read something that you enjoy:
• Books about your hobbies
• Latest fiction novel
• Graphic novel End your evening routine with something you enjoy to reward yourself.

Follow these 7 steps in the evening to get ahead in life:

1. Make the evening routine a habit
2. Avoid exercise before bed
3. Ask powerful questions
4. Reflect with a journal
5. Meditate to unwind
6. Prepare tomorrow
7. Read for fun

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