Some of my greatest idols were people like Picasso, Asimov, DaVinci, Aphex Twin, Agatha Christie, and Ridley Scott.
There is just so much beauty in seeing other humans pour out their great creative expression.
It just fires me up in a big way.

These are the habits that connect to these great people.
Prorific creators.png

1. They set ridiculous targets.
Prolific people are ‘prolific’ because they do what few dare do.
If everyone was prolific, it would simply be ‘normal.’ You’re not a ‘normie,’ are you?

So, to do what few do, you need to set targets that many would deem unreasonable or plain ‘ridiculous.’
This is a good thing because there is a heady vibe to playing a game only a handful play.

Write a book a month. Paint and release a painting weekly.

Write a daily thread. Go big to be energized.
What could you do that no one else is doing?

2. Kill their'selves' daily.
Woah there, horsey. What the hell I am I talking about? Isn’t this a little bad and a teensy bit scary?

I’m talking about the supreme power in being willing to let go of the image of who you think you are every day.
Why? Because the enemy of creativity is the need for self-protection and looking good in front of your friends.

If we feel we have something to lose, we won’t express ourselves fully.
We won’t do the necessary work, and we’ll shift into perfectionist mode.

3. Create from happiness, not to find happiness.
It might seem commonsensical, but if you’re doing anything in order to acquire happiness (or passion), you’re doing it wrong.
The most prolific maniacs let go of the need to find happiness long ago.

They create from the understanding they are already alive and happy and whole.
Powerful creation is the expression of a happy soul, not a means to become happy.
You don’t wait for it; you stir yourself into the creative spirit.

4. Train their bodies in service of their craft.
This may not have been the case with every chain-smoking writer and artist.

But if you can maintain robust health and a well-trained body, you will have a significant leg up.
To be consistently prolific, you need to do everything to gain an ‘unfair’ advantage.

I wouldn’t be able to maintain what I do without daily exercise and walking.
Training in service of your mind and mastering your craft and your energy, this will transform your entire gig.

5. Know their ‘reason.’
Why would you choose to create in excessive volume without a purpose?

Initially, this may be to grow an audience and make foundational income.
Great. Eventually, you may do it to multiply your impact on more people. Awesome.

Check in with your ‘why’ daily.
Write your dreams down. Don’t worry about what it is.
If it energizes you then you’re golden.

6. Know that to create is to connect with god.
Prolific creators have a cheeky little secret they never share.

When they create, they get into a mental mode that allows them to talk with a deeper part of themselves.
I put ‘god’ in small caps because this can be viewed interchangeably:
  • Wisdom.
  • God.
  • Spirit.
  • Creative force.
  • Universal energy.
It’s all one and the same.

When we get into a flow, we become force, and there is nothing more thrilling, therapeutic, and life-affirming than this.
When we see a genius at work, we see a universal energy manifest itself in human form.

7. Use their ego. I can guarantee to you, there ain’t no prolific creator who wasn’t partly driven to create in mass volume out of ego.
What do I mean by this? Humans are engaged in a continual dance featuring their protective ‘ego’ side and their wise, spiritual side.

The best creators don’t attempt to delete their ego entirely; they use it.
There is a very fine balance at play here. Creative insight arises beyond ego.
But ego gives you a swagger; a layer of obsessiveness and a competitive edge that your spiritual side may not.
Don’t step on people and be an idiot. Just find a way to channel the healthy aggression that comes out of having a little something to prove.

RECAP The 7 habits of insanely prolific creators:
1. Set ridiculous targets
2. Kill their'selves' daily
3. Create from happiness, not for it
4. Train physically in service of their craft
5. Know their'reason'
6. Connect with wisdom
7. Use their ego.

Thank you for reading!!