In two different incidents, a few minutes apart, four Somali shopkeepers were killed in Nomzamo

The two other victims were taken to the hospital. The suspects were attacked in their stores at the intersection of Michael and Lonja streets.

The incident occurred at about 20:00 when gunmen stormed Discount Supermarket and then proceeded to Ndaba Zabantu.
The two stores are only a one-minute walk from each other.

However, at Ndaba Zabantu shopkeeper Hassan Ahmed was trying to deal with what had happened.

"I was in the rear of the shop and all I could hear was the sound of shots going off," he related.
"It was a complete frenzied scene I did not count how many shots neither did I identify the perpetrators."

Ahmed claimed that a 17-year-old was struck by six bullets.

"It was probably around 19:45 when the shooting began.
The shooter was killed and injured another fellow worker," he said, obviously distraught.

Working in the shop for the past four years, this was one of the most difficult experiences for him.
He was still in shock.

At the same time in the Discount Supermarket in Michael Street the customers were entering and leaving.
The shopkeeper was seen shaking and referred City Vision to the owner, Hussein Abdi, who was not present at the store but was in a hospital recovering from the attack.

Then, from in his bed at the hospital stated: "I saw two guys I don't know.
They were driving by in their vehicle and killed my brother," he said.

"When I left, they shot me in my left leg and right arm."

He informed City Vision he would go back to the shop, which he's run since 2009, and had no other choice.

On the arrival of police, they discovered two bodies of males aged 38 and 32 with gunshot wounds," he said.
"The wounded were declared dead upon arrival by medical professionals."

Swartbooi reported that two males, aged between 33 or 39 who also suffered gunshot wounds, were taken to an area hospital for treatment.

The suspects were armed. left the scene in an unidentified direction, but no arrests have been taken.

He added that Lwandle police were looking into murder and attempted murder.

Anyone who has information regarding the shootings is asked to contact Crime Stop on 08600 10111.