A foreign national of 19 years old suspect of sexually assaulting a child of 12 decided to withdraw his bail application after he appeared at the court of Strand Magistrates' on the 3 June.

Sam Sithole is facing a sexual assault charge. The accused made the first appearance in court on the 27th of May. It is believed that he lured the girl into his shack on the 25th of May, before raped her. The Malawian national is believed to have made use of the shack for sewing clothes and also as barber shop.

In his second appearance, Friday, he was enraged Lwandle and residents from Nomzamo picketed on the outside of the court. In a protest, with placards condemning the incident, people performed a dance and sang in front of the courtroom when the accused was brought in.

They urged the law to follow its course and let the suspect be held throughout his life.

The mother of the victim's victim stated to City Visionshe was "deeply grieved" over what occurred to her daughter.

The woman of 27 claimed she seen her child last time out for a playdate with her pals. "A woman on my street informed me that her child had been caught sleeping among foreigners" she claimed. "When I inquired about this, she denied it. I demanded that she take off her panty , and I discovered it damp. I contacted an elderly lady on my street to evaluate her. She spotted that something was wrong with her."

They took her for a visit to Lwandle Police Station where they opened the case. Later, she was transferred to the medical facility for an examination.

The SA National Civics Organisation Secretary's (Sanco) Khunjulwa Mvukelwa has urged victims of rape or other violence to report it and report the incidents to police.

"We are here to offer our solidarity to the victim's family , and we're saying no to child and woman abuse," she said. "This man must be thrown out of his keys and then spend the remainder of his time in prison."

Mvukelwa believes that such a sentence will act as a deterrent to female abusers who might be rapists.

The WO Joseph Swartbooi, Western Cape police spokesperson, stated that police from the Khayelitsha Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit was investigating the circumstances that led to two incidents that occurred in Lwandle where two children aged between two and twelve were raped by a male.

He added: "The offence is viewed as serious and is viewed as a serious matter by authorities of the South African Police Service, therefore all cases that are reported are assigned to experienced detectives. Because of the delicate nature of the investigation, the police have decided to remain very secretive in the way it communicates the developments of both cases.

"However we are able to confirm that two males aged 45 and 20 were arrested and held. The suspects in the two isolated incidents mentioned in your inquiry appeared at Strand Magistrates Court earlier in the day (Friday) in connection with a case of sexual assault."

The case was delayed until 8 July to allow for further investigation.