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1. "The oldest and shortest of words - 'yes' as well as "no" are those that require the most thinking."

2. "The human soul is split into 3 parts.
  • Intelligence.
  • Reason.
  • Passion.
All animals share the ability to reason and enthusiasm, however reason is the sole property of the human being alone.

3. "The most important ambition of music is connecting the listener to their spiritual nature, not just to entertain. "

4. "Educate the children , and it will not be necessary to punish men."

6. "We are created by God. Like the tree that comes is rooted and the stream coming from the spring, that's why we must always be in touch with Him, just like the trunk comes from the root.
The stream is dries out after separation from the spring, and the tree dies after being removed from the ground."

7. "If you are suffering from a wounded heart, try touching it just as you would a wounded eye.

Wounded heart.png

Only two options to ease the pain that the human soul endures:
  • Faith and
  • Patience.
8. "Do not get up until you've re-read all of the events in your head:
  • What did I wrong?
  • What was my contribution to society?
  • What was it I didn't do?"
9. "Learn to be quiet. Listen to your mind in silence and take in." Don't let yourself be judged easily.

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10. "Concern ought to motivate us in the right direction, not into depression."

You are what you are by what you do and not by what you think.

11." It's better not to speak rather than argue with those who are ignorant." This signifies how mature you are.

12." Don't cover up your mistakes with false language. Instead, fix your mistakes by taking an examination."

13. "In outrage, we should be careful not to speak as well as action." This will prevent you from getting into difficulties.

14. "Hate and fear create a poison in blood. This poison, if left unchecked, can affect the eyes and the nose, ears and the digestive organs.
So, it's not recommended to be aware of and remember unkind remarks people may have to say about you."

15. "Friendship is a single soul living that exists in both bodies." It's a profound relationship that includes:
  • Trust,
  • Support,
  • Communication,
  • Loyalty,
  • Understanding,
  • Empathy,
  • Intimacy, etc.