Marketing is the most important part of any business and there are many ways to market your business and product.

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Marketing is not an easy game, you have to understand many aspects of your business before promoting it.

Such as:
  • Audience current nature
  • Product Nature
  • Age
  • Location
  • And many more

Here are the 15 tips of marketing that transform your business

1. Market> Offer> Copywrting

The marketing you are selling your product or service is the most important factor, then the offer which is more important that the way you sell it.

So first make sure you first do a proper research of the market before making an offer to sell.

2. Solve An Urgent Problem

You need to solve a problem that is very urgent. Now, if possible.

You need to learn how to sell a painkiller than a vitamin (preventive).

3. Show Them Proof

Proof is much better than great copywriting.
If you are solving a burning pain problem and people don't buy, its because they don't believe you.

4. Good Copywriting is not Clever Copywriting

Great copywriting does not equal to clever copywriting, it is infact in most cases the opposite.

5. Sell Before You Build

You need to sell even if you don't have the product yet.

Here is a Tip: Look for someone with a product almost similar to the one you want to build.
Then apply as an affiliate and start selling.

You will learn more about the product you want to build and how to sell it.

6. Your Best Study Tools

Your competitors are the best market research tool you have.
They've gone through all the trouble you are experiencing now. Study them.
There is a reason as to why they are doing that they are doing.

7. Provide Guarantee

A good Guarantee will do you more good than editing and re-editing the sales message for hours.
Reverse the risk and make it a no brainer.

8. Use Stacking

Use stacking to increase the perceived value of your offer.
You can add things like bonuses, extra materials or services to increase perceived value.

9. Call to Action

Have a clear and big call to action. If people can't find it, then they can't buy.

Sites that load slowly don't sell, people will leave before it loads.

10. Use scarcity and Urgency

Scarcity and urgency are so important because people who want to buy often need that little Kick for them to buy NOW.

11. Network

You'll always need other professionals like designers or developers at some point to support your marketing efforts.

12. Understand The Niche Concept

Always try to niche down when selling a high ticket product.

Always try to go as broad as possible when selling a low ticket product.
With time, low ticket product stops being functional and people stop buying.
You'll always need to replace them.

The goal of the low ticket product is to get people in the door for the high ticket product product.

13. Find Real Motivation

Always find below the surface motivation for someone to buy your product.

People don't loose diet products to loose weight.
They buy them because they feel bad or want to attract a partner or afraid to die.

Find and use real motivation.

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