TikTok Ads is the single most powerful tool in the E-Commerce scene right now.

Here’s a principle I've discovered from running several TikTok Ads for clients.

One of the most important factors and core foundation with TikTok Ads, is keeping CPM’s down.
The lower the CPM, the cheaper your advertising is.

There’s a few methods I’ve found to keep CPM’s really cheap​

Tiktok Ads.png

Broad, broad, broad.​

With TikTok Ads, going broad is the secret to winning the algorithm.
More often than now, you’ll receive lower CPM’s, better performance and easier scaling, as the audience size is HUGE.
Targeting broad, no interest is the way.

Feed The Algorithm.​

Using tools such as ACO, allows the algorithm to have more choice and power in the backend advertising auction.
We’ve seen running multiple creatives, with ACO enabled will reward you with lower CPM’s while advertising, leading to better performance.

Avoid Circumvention.​

TikTok is VERY smart. Using the same creatives or domains after any ban/restriction, to cross multiple ad accounts is a no go.
Always switch up domain and find new creatives or scramble metadata in this scenario.

Cycle Pixels.​

After running TikTok Ads with a decent amount of spend, you’ll begin to see CPM’s to sharply rise.
In this case, create a brand new pixel and switch them out. You’ll see a dramatic drop in CPM’s .thank me later.

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