How to make money with web design in 2022:
How to make money with web design.png

Learn how to create a website, Some of the sources of materials that you can use include :
- Carrd
- WordPress + Elementor (recommended)
- Webflow (recommended)
- Wix
- Squarespace

You can choose either one of the above and watch some youtube tutorials as you work along with them.

The next step that you would want to take is to make sure that you identify who you want to work with:
- Personal brands
- Local businesses
- Ecom stores
- etc

Next, you can narrow this down further by, for example:
-Create 3 "fake" websites as a portfolio and try to make them look nice and appealing.
How can you do this? Try and take a look at other competitor websites and try to pull your inspiration from them BUT do not copy-paste the website!
Make sure that these websites look as professional as can be so that they resemble something that your target client would want.

You can find clients on the following platforms:
- Google
- Social media
- Yelp
- Networking events
- Friends and family

In the end, you'd be surprised how many people don't have a website or have a not-so-good-looking one.

You also need to understand your website's value to your client.

To pull in clients, you need to be smart about this part. Try and figure out what message will make them respond and want to talk to you more?
Schedule a phone call. Talk to them, ask them how business is going, and ask them about their goals with their biz. Position your offer as a way to help them achieve their goals.
Send them an invoice.
After you've got the gig/job, gather the necessary information for the website and try to make it look amazing! Spend day and night doing this if you have to!
In the end, you will get the well-deserved pay that you worked hard for.