I have a friend who is already millionaire and headed to a being billionaire, here is what he shared with me on investing well.

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I was looking forward to pointers I already know. But the simplicity of his reply surprised me.
Here are the Eleven Powerful Pieces of Advice He Gave Me.

1. He said that he first trains his my brain to perform one task incredibly well.

One task alone. To never conform.” Here's how he explained it:

The Funnel to Nonconformity:
1.Become a funnel for ideas
2.Let ideas fight based on merit, not emotion
3.Find courage to act in nonconformity
4. Opportunities others never see, are too scared to act upon or uncrowded markets leads to outsized returns in life and wealth.

2.Speak Truth, Even When It Hurts.
You don’t really hold an idea in your head until you can say it with your lips.
Idea, Word, Action.

3.Never Forget Failures
He keeps a collection of old failures on a wall for all to see.
Most people hang medals, he reminds himself of scars gotten and mistakes mishandled. It keeps you honest.

4.Can You Explain it to Grandma?
Take that shiny new idea in your head and go explain it to your grandma.
Can you take the complex and make it simple? If not, you don’t know enough. Strong beliefs paired with little knowledge is a dangerous spot to operate.

5.Reading Becoming Your Diet
Be careful what you read, it becomes the way you think.
Words are heard, then internalized, then repeated, and then habituated. Curate what you let into your brain as you do with your body.

6.The Controversy & Conformity Conundrum
There is a spectrum where controversies and conformity sit on two ends of the line. More conformity is equal to less controversial and yet, most of the wins in life land on the edge of controversy. Choose your controversy wisely.

7.Trust the Process there are no Shortcuts.
Shortcuts and get-rich-quick schemes will get you lost. Forget the outcome, focus on the process and watch your destination appear.

8.The Toleration Challenge
What if your intellect is measured by how much truth you can tolerate? Can you be told you’re wrong, and that dress makes you look fat, and you’re getting older, and he’s smarter than you, and take them all in stride?

9.Share Your MVP’s
Every time you produce a product or idea, more come back ten-fold. So don’t make it perfect, make it done. Then let the market decide

10. Warren Buffet Doesn’t Optimize
Wake up at 5 am, meditate, work out, drink 72 ounces of chloride water and stand upside down.
Or do none of those things and instead focus on thinking clearly, intently, and strategically before you pull any triggers.

11.On Having Ideas Strongly Stated & Loosely
Held Having a strong opinion is the mark of intellect but having the ability to change it is the mark of true intelligence. Only politicians hold one stance forever for fear of flip-flopping, we mortals do better to constantly experiment.

Well, I hope this opened your mind. If it did, share it with someone else. You can also leave your thoughts in the comments.