Copywriting is a perfect way to grow your sales.

Writing persuasive copy is not enough, a great copywriter must their audience?

Here is how understanding your audience will help you increase growth in copywriting​


Let me throw you straight into deep water with an example. I’ll show you how to DELETE copywriting from the equation. And generate better copy than most copywriters. Big promise?

Let’s see. Scenario: you’re writing for a Facebook ads agency. What would you write?​

If you’re a newbie you’d write something like this: “Get the best Facebook ads agency. We write ads that make you sell out”. You might even smile to yourself thinking “I nailed it!” If you’re completely new.

But reality will soon hit you on your head and you will understand: This won’t work. So you go and read some copywriting books, ask around on Twitter And you come up with a GENIUS idea! “I should niche down”. So you write: “Get the best e-Commerce FB ads agency! We make your supplier better you to lower your volume”. BOOM! Right? Nope.

Still doesn’t work. You got one lead. Nice start. But, you haven’t hit the jackpot. How do I know? Because there’s a SWEET SPOT for any product or service in the world. One that would sell your product like hot buns outside of a nightclub at 3 AM.

So how do you do that?​

You understand your audience. “Again with this market research crap????” I know. I know… hear me out. In order to sell big you need a competitive advantage. One that your competitors do not have.

And here’s the only way to know what it is:You need to KNOW your audience.

So here’s the practical part: How do you get the FB agency owner CRY at nights because he can’t fulfill all their new clients? Simple. Understand what he’s selling and what your audience wants. Frame it correctly. And viola! You’ll win.

Here’s a specific example. Let’s imagine that there are two ways Fb ads agencies do the advertising for brands:

  1. Directly to a sales page using conversion optimization.
  2. Using a Top-Middle-Bottom of funnel ads (meaning: a funnel inside FB to warm up customers).
Now, Choose one of those as your flagship method and “throw rocks at the other one”.

Let me show you two examples. If you’re doing the “straight to a sales page” method understand the disadvantages of the other method. What are the disadvantages of the funnel inside FB?

It’s a bigger risk. No immediate result. You know if it worked after you spent a lot of money. Etc. So… How do you throw rocks at the other method?

Let me show you a potential ad you’d run. It goes like this:

Is your FB ads agency “warming up” clients before selling to them? It’s not working as well as you expected it would. Right? That’s because they’re targeting NON BUYERS. Obviously it’s not working. Instead… Why not target buyers directly and get a sale immediately? -End

If you’re selling the “warming up method” you do exactly the same but to the other direction.

What are the disadvantages of straight sales page strategy?

Lower conversion rates. Hitting a small market. Etc.

So your ad would like like this:

Is your FB ads agency running traffic straight to a sales page? It’s working. Right…? Or isn’t it? They’re targeting only the 5% of the market. The low hanging fruit. But what if you want to target 100% of the market and scale BIG? -End.

You got the idea right? Now… you could spice it up even more. What other pain points does your audience have? You have to know that! Here’s one for you: agencies are very slow at delivering. So… You could take any one of the ads I wrote above and do this:

Add to the ad a promise. “Set-up within 3 days or we charge you nothing”. Sweetens up the deal right? How about this: A lot of brand owners don’t like set-up fees that agencies charge. Why not add “no set-up fees” to your copy?

Do you understand this has NOTHING to do with copywriting but everything to do with knowing your audience? Knowing their problems. Pain points. Current solutions they’re using. Etc. Makes sense? But there’s more.

What if you understood everything on this short article and would love to to Take it a Notch higher and know how to write it persuasively