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Email Marketing Tips For Making Money

1. Create a separate email list and subscribe to epic newsletters.

You get an ever-growing swipe file of subject lines and emails you can consult at any time. Bonus: It also works when you don't want to drop your primary email to several newsletters.

2. People should think, "wait what" when they get your email.
Subject lines are a pattern break, not a selling point. And no, I'm not suggesting you leverage clickbait.

3. Consistency is king.
I'd instead send a regular decent email than an irregular stellar email. There's too much info out there. You don't want people to forget you. Staying top of mind has many benefits.

4. The rule of one.

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Don't sell more than one thing. Don't focus on more than one idea. Don't include more than one topic. Don't introduce more than one problem. Don't show more than one solution. Every idea you introduce cuts the effectiveness in half.

5. Use your "second subject line."
First, you have the actual subject line. Then you have the preview text. The subject line should break the pattern. The preview text should create curiosity.

6. It's all a funnel.
The subject line sells the preview text. The preview text -> open -> headline -> body -> CTA -> click It's not one big machine, it's many small machines working together.

7. Test test.
Do you know: What's the best subject line for your audience? What's the optimal sending time? Who are your most dedicated subs? What email format converts the best for you? You never know until you try.

8. Start preparing for BFCM now.
Your competition is going to prepare for it during Thanksgiving. If you do it now, you've already won. A few weeks from now, it may be too late, but if you do it this week, it might mean 5-6-7 figures for you:

9. If nobody unsubscribes from your email list, you're doing it wrong.
Unsubscribes mean you weren't a fit for everyone. When you try to please everyone, you please no one. Not being a fit means they weren't going to engage with your emails anyway. Don't dwell on this.

10. If you read your email out loud, and it doesn't sound like a human, Rewrite.

11. PS is solved for solving objects or doing an upsell.

"PS Here's what people in your same situation are saying:" "PS If you're above $x/mo and want to get to $xxx/mo with ZERO cost, click here." Very useful.

12. Do 2 things after someone buys from you:
1. Make them feel validated and happy about their decision
2. Sell them something else

13. Bad email marketers focus on opens.
Good email marketers focus on copy. Great email marketers focus on the offer.

14. You can't afford to have an email list.

email list..png

What if Zuckerberg says "nope"? Your Facebook and Instagram muscles are gone. Build an email list.

15. Leverage Email Automation

Leverage Email Automation.png

.Welcome flows
.Purchase flows
.Abandonment flows
These will keep earning money forever. It would help if you slept. Automations don't.

16. Segment Everyone Clicked on a link? Segment them.

-Purchased a product? Segment them.
-Won't open your emails? Segment them.
Knowing who you're sending emails to makes it easy to make money.

17. Learn to Hype .
Say you have a big holiday sale/product launch. You sent them a discount email that day. Wrong. You send them one the day before, One during the event, And one after as an extended sale. Easy money.

18. Treat Them.
Your email subs want to know more about you than your followers. That's just how it is. Let them know that you care by giving them discounts or unique offers. Making your subs feel special is good for business.

19. Be Unexpected.

Be Unexpected..png

>Ask a question in the subject line.
>Tease them, saying there's a surprise inside.
>Tell them about your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
>Make them laugh
>Tell a story

The key to good emails? Stop being boring.

20. The Subject Line Is As Important As The Email.
The subject line determines whether people are going to open your email or not. >Beautiful design >Solid copy >Inbox delivery Means nothing if people won't open your email. Pro tip: A/B test your subject lines & pick the winner

21. Don't Make Them Hate You Sending emails daily is overkill (in most cases).
.If once a week works best, do once a week.
.If twice or thrice a week does best, do twice or thrice a week.
.Please don't overdo it.
.Respect their time, and they will respect yours.

22. Don't let them go cold.

Don't let them go cold.png

If you haven't emailed your list in months and expect them to buy from you, you're in for a nasty surprise...

23. Don't sell the skill; sell the outcome.
Don't sell the service; sell the ROI. Don't sell the product; sell the benefits. People don't buy your offer. They buy what your offer can do for them.

24. Marketing 101: - Get their attention with the WHY (Headlines, subject lines, pop-ups)
- Keep them engaged with the HOW (Body copy, page content, offer)
- Get them to take action with the WHAT (Purchase, book a call, learn more)

25. Don't send broken links.
Always send yourself a test email before sending it to your list.
You don't want them to be ready to buy your product and end up on a YouTube video about cats.

26. Be Useful .People subbed to your list because they wanted something from you.
.Offers So keep giving it to them.
Be Useful. Get Paid. Simple.

27. Be Genuine.

Be Genuine.png

When was the last time you enjoyed corporate talk? Exactly.
Speak as you would to a friend.
Nobody likes to be treated like "just another customer." Everyone likes to be treated like a friend.

28. Quality


Quantity It's better to have 100 people who want to hear from you, than 1,000 people who don't even know who you are.
Why would you email people who don't want you in their inbox and risk going to spam?
Stick to people who like you, and you will be rewarded.

29. Get to the point .

Get to the point ..png

People don't have long attention spans. Make your emails simple, concise, and to the point.
.Why should I open it?
.Why should I read it?
.Why should I click on it?
Get clear on these three. Watch your sales go up.

30. It's a Relationship
Business that is mostly about relationships.
.Treat others with respect, and they'll respect you.
.Help others, and they'll help you.
.Be helpful to others; they'll like you.
Email is very easy. We're the ones that complicate it.

31. So many more ways to sell that are not a discount:
-Bundle your products.
-Give them credit in your store.
-Buy one, gift one.
-Cashback .
-VIP Programs .
-Vouchers and coupons.
-Joint promotions.
-Referral commissions.