Email marketing tips that will teach you to make money in less than 5 minutes!

Email marketing tips that will teach you to make money in less than 5 minutes! 1.png

1. Create a separate email list and subscribe to epic newsletters.
Why? This is because you get an ever-growing swipe file of subject lines and emails you can consult. It also works for when you don't want to drop your main email to a bunch of newsletters.

2. Have a subject heading which will make the user be"wait what! :0" instead of "another spam email :( "
Your subject heading is one of the most important aspects of your email marketing. But don't turn your subject heading into a clickbait by putting false information.

3. Remember that consistency is key.
It's better if you write a rather decent and well-formatted email instead of writing an irregular stellar email which will blow off your customers.
Remember, there is too much info out there and you don't want people to forget about your content.

4. The rule of one.
Always make sure that you do not overdo your email while marketing.
Do not sell more than one thing.
Do not focus on more than one idea.
Do not include more than one problem that you intend to fix.
And lastly do not show more than one solution.

5. Note that if nobody unsubscribes from your email subscriptions, there is something that you might be doing wrong.
Unsubscribing means that you were not a perfect fit for everyone. If there are no subscriptions, it probably means you are trying so hard to please everyone which results in pleasing no one. It also probably means that your clients weren't probably going to be engaging with your email.
But don't worry. This shouldn't be too much of a bother.

Email marketing tips that will teach you to make money in less than 5 minutes! 2.png

6. Maintain your Humanity in your tone.
If you read your email out loud and you sound like a robot, REWRITE!
Rewrite so that you may maintain your user-friendliness.

7. You need to make your client feel appreciated.
After they subscribe to you, at least do the following 2 things to make them feel good:
a.) Make them feel validated and happy about their decision.
b.) Sell them something else.

8. Difference between Bad, Good and Great email marketers
a). Bad email marketers focus on opens.
b). Good email marketers focus on copy.
c). Great email marketers focus on the offer.

9 . Make sure you know which of your clients does what.
If they clicked on a link, purchased a product or won't even open your emails?
Group them. If you know to who you are sending your emails, it will be very easy for you to make money.

10. Hype your Clients!
Try saying that you either have a big holiday sale /product launch coming up on a specific date.
Instead of sending them a discount email on the day of the sale, send them one a day before. Also, send one during the sale and one after as an extended sale.
This makes your customer feel loved and it earns you easy money!