This Will Change Your Entire Internet Experience.

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According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the COVID-19 pandemic read to
Internet user ranks growing to 4.9 billion in 2021, from 4.1 billion in 2019. As lockdowns in most countries became the new normal,
businesses and consumers increasingly went digital, selling and purchasing more goods and services online while remote education and work
was increasingly adopted by many businesses and schools. Internet audiences have grown more than ever.

“The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the life-changing power of the Internet,” said United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres.

As a creator, marketer or entrepreneur now more than ever exists the biggest online audiences to buy or engage with you.
You already know the opportunities are endless.

You need new strategies. Change is inevitable

I have seen a lot entrepreneurs, marketers and creators asking how they can keep with these times of unprecedented social, economic and political change.
Everyone is out there looking for new strategies, ideas, networks or tools to help them improve their online experiences, their sales, or marketing.

Consumers, employees and online users , attitudes, sensitivities, beliefs, feelings and demands about their way of life
and the brands they interact with are changing.

Most people still haven't found the spark to move them the next level. They are still finding.
Do not be discouraged if you still haven't come up with the optimal strategy for your brand, but, you will need a new one.

How I experience the Internet today as a marketer has changed my life and business.

I am one of those marketers who've leant everything about marketing through YouTube videos, Google and social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Thought my career as a marketer and solo online business owner I've experienced a lot of online challenges. I bet you have too.
Here, I share the challenges and lessons learnt as well.
If you decide to pick from these lessons and implement them, I can guarantee you will experience online productivity and business growth.
You will also have a lot of long-term advantages over those that will ignore them. They will be forced to catch-up.

I don't gamble or bet, but on this one I can. You will get total transformation.

My Experience

With Google and Facebook Ads

Many times I'd find the Facebook Ads I wanted to run not approved. This was such a hinderance to my Facebook marketing campaigns.
But this was not even the major challenge, some times I would get my Facebook Ad account or the client's disabled.

Nothing sends shivers down the spines of Facebook advertisers like "Your Facebook Ad Account has been DISABLED" alert.

Ever had your ad-account banned? It’s because of browser-fingerprinting

Browser fingerprinting is the technique used by social websites to track their users.
Using these stealthy techniques they can spot that it is you even if you log in using different social and ad accounts.
Even when you login using different chrome profiles.

Result :
Unreasonable limitations and ban hammers not just for one account but all your accounts in one go.

Since I was running many different client's accounts, there was was a lot multi-logins and hence the bans.

The solution: The ultimate multi-login and anti-detect marketer's browser discussed on this article.

2. Experiencing Writing And Digital Marketing Success.

Experiencing writing or digital marketing success without multi-accounts and multi-login is nearly impossible because:
  • Social sites place arbitrary limits on the number of posts you make in a day.
  • There are very low limits on the number of people you can message every day from one account.
  • You can’t run campaigns for your clients because you can’t do all your marketing from that same account.
  • Your ad account got banned without a reason and your new accounts get banned too.
  • When one account is banned or locked, it takes your entire network down.
Again, I have discussed the solution further on this article.

3. My Experience Working With Writing, Research and Digital Marketing Teams.

If you own an online business or have been part of online marketing teams,
you know how different your marketing teams are and that you want different permission levels for your team members.

Some of the challenges online teams face are;
  • Distrust.
  • Lack of proper tools to collaborate.
  • Lack of proper tools to remotely managing tasks and projects.

For example:
Multi-logins from different computers requires sharing passwords to different accounts with each team member.

The Solution: Check Logii Browser Below

It allows your entire marketing team to collaborate better, work on campaigns and get access to accounts with just a click.
No sharing of passwords.

Here are more solutions that came with
Logii marketer's browser

  • I can now create multiple e-commerce profiles on a single platform using the same browser and sell more of each product.
  • Even more I can now sell any single product in different geographical locations on e-commerce sites using the same browser.
  • I can now do Facebook marketing on many different Facebook groups using multiple IDs but the on same browser.
  • I am able to reach out to more people on LinkedIn.
  • I am able to run multiple Medium accounts on the same browser. No need to have multiple accounts running on different chrome profiles.
  • With Loggi Browser I can scrape websites and get information for multiple geographical areas.
  • Analyze what ads are shown to people in different places using the same browser .
  • I can run ad campaigns for clients with their unique protected accounts. No need for passwords.
  • I can compare compare prices of any product for different geo-locations using the same browser.
  • I can now do anonymous competition research.
and many more solutions.

Here are internet experiences of people using Google Chrome Profiles.

99% of these challenges can be solved by
Logii Browser.

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With Logii multi-Login and anti-detect marketer’s browser, you don't have to open many chrome profiles.
You can run multiple accounts using the same browser profile while keeping your accounts safe.






Here Is Everything About Logii Intelligent Marketer's Browser And How Will It Change Your Internet Experience. GUARANTEED

I've covered in details what it does, who it’s for, how much it costs, and the pros and cons of this new tool.
This will help you make more informed decisions if it’s right for you.

What is The Logii Browser?


Logii is a browser built for marketers, researchers, writers, creators and online business entrepreneurs.
It allows you to manage multiple accounts and logins safely by running each identity in its own virtual space, isolating it from the other accounts.

The platform is a perfect replacement for multiple chrome profiles, computers or VPSs, that many
marketers and online users have been forced to use as a very poor, slow and expensive compromise.

Logii Browser provides anonymity, complete confidentiality, prevents browser fingerprinting, and allows you
to work with multiple accounts at the same time on one computer.

Here are more things you can do with Logii Browser
  • You can run ads from multiple accounts without any problem.
  • You can do Multi-Account marketing securely.
  • You get 100% protection on all social media sites, forum sites & blog sites.
  • Save money and time on slow and expensive VPSs.
  • You can achieve more with Logii browser than Google Chrome Profiles due to multiple account login.
  • Scale your business & earn profits with multi-login marketing. You can run multi-login & multi-account campaigns for yourself or clients.
The best part is, for each browser profile created in Logii, you have an isolated browser environment for it with
its own separate cookies, local storage, and even cache.
There is nothing in common with the other profiles.
Now sites that are trying to fingerprint your browser and destroy your business can’t do it anymore.

Logii offers the best anti-detect protection for online users such as:

  • Geo-data protection
  • IP Protection
  • Independent Cookies
  • Language Identity
  • Protected Audio Identity
  • Time zone Anti-Detection
  • Custom Resolution Setup
  • WebGL Anti-Detect
  • IndexedDB Uniquifier
  • Independent Environment

Furthermore, with the help of APIs, Logii supports browser extensions.
You can save yourself time and stress by automating repetitive tasks.

It makes it easier to manage workflow as you can create different browser profiles for different team members.
You can even share accounts with your team members without sharing passwords.

If you want to run campaigns for your clients you can use Logii browser to run their campaigns in protected environments.
Don’t let one mistake kill all your clients.

Logii is perfect for teams. Work on your campaigns and then let your team members get access with just a click.
No sharing of passwords. No logout-login madness. No endless OTPs. Logii is fast, secure, and easy.

What else can Logii browser do?
  • Supports up to 10 accounts running simultaneously ( Elite Version) and Unlimited accounts for the Pro Version .
  • 100% independent browsing environment for each id.
  • Share accounts easily with the team without sharing passwords.
  • Control over all important browsing parameters.
  • Secure browsing with multi-accounts at the same time.
  • Low-bandwidth & memory requirements.
  • Easy to use interface with familiar tools.
  • Support for separate proxy for each account.
  • Easy to use browser with all standard features.
  • Install on up to 3 computers at the same time.
  • Standards compliant and modern browser.
  • Fast & easy browsing on your own network or on proxy.
  • Works with all paid and free proxy systems worldwide.
  • Has support for extensions.
  • Perfect for internet marketers who want to do multi-account social media marketing.
  • Perfect for Agencies who run campaigns for their clients and want to make sure each client is protected and works in his own space.
  • Perfect for Facebook Group marketing without getting banned.
  • Powerful browser features, including support for Chrome Extensions.
  • Login from any country by combining commercial proxies.
  • Run ads from multiple ad accounts without getting banned.
  • Saves time as any monotonous work can be automated.
  • Offers an easy-to-understand interface for both professionals and first-time users.
  • Anti-fingerprint features. Facebook & Google won’t know its traffic from the same source.
And that’s just the stuff I saw inside the dashboard!

There are many other features packed into it, making it one of the best multi-profile browser softwares.

Here is Logii Browser in Action

Logii Browser Use Cases

Clients Are Using Logii Browser To

  1. Create multiple e-com profiles on a platform and sell more of each product.
  2. Sell any product in different geographical locations on e-com sites.
  3. Market on groups using multiple IDs.
  4. Reach out to more people on LinkedIn.
  5. Scrape websites and get information for multiple geographies.
  6. Analyze what ads are shown to people in different places.
  7. Run ad campaigns for their clients with their unique protected accounts.
  8. Compare prices of any product for different geo-locations.
  9. Anonymous competition research.
  10. Anonymizing browser information while surfing sensitive sites.
  11. Sell more as an affiliate marketer using ads or promotions.
  12. Create effective conversations in forums about their brand.
  13. Attract attention and engage readers on Blogs.
  14. Spread their buzz effectively in groups.
  15. Give secure access to their teammates for marketing.

What does it cost?

Logii is more affordable than any alternative. 8x cheaper than VPS, 10x cheaper than competing multi-login browsers.

Logiin others compared.png

OFFICIAL Logii Browser Elite Monthly — $17
OFFICIAL Logii Browser Elite Yearly— $67
  • Installation on 3 computers
  • Support for 10 logins
  • Agency Rights (2 Accounts)
  • Commercial Rights (Unlimited)
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Attractive bonuses
  • Accounting sharing allowed

Createx Digital Members (Special Offer) Logii Browser Elite (One-Time —  $47)

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One-Time —  $47 ( One Time Special Offer) No yearly or monthly fees

Createx Digital Members (Special Offer) Logii Browser Pro (One-Time —  $97)


Logii Pro.png

  • Create UNLIMITED Profiles(Elite only has 10)
  • Unlimited Account Sharing
  • Installation on 10 devices.
  • 50 powerful Growth Hacks
  • 2 Years of Free upgrade
  • Live Free Proxy List
  • Unlimited Extensions Support
  • Advanced anti-detect features
  • Facebook Groups marketing playbook
  • 50 Outreach Message templates

grab now.gif

One-Time —  $97 ( One Time Special Offer) No yearly or monthly fees

Logii includes powerful training as well. With just a tool you’re only half there.
The secret to success is knowing what to do with it.

The best part is when you get Logii, you don’t just get the tool, you also get the roadmap.
They will show you what to do with Logii to get your audience begging to buy from you.
The training is included with the front-end so every buyer gets it.

The Bad

So far, there is none.

The Good

  • Easy to use
  • Glitch free
  • 100% Newbie-Friendly Easy-To-Use Software!

The Awesome

  • Includes Powerful Training.
  • One-Time Accounts & Agency Rights Included
  • One-time payment only — no monthly fees!


Logii is a “must-have” tool for all privacy-conscious users, as well as online marketing, web data mining, and web PR professionals.

The opportunity here is unprecedented.
Marketers, creators and
entrepreneurs who can see the opportunity, grab them and get them implemented before their competitors do
will have long-term advantage as others catch-up later.

You don't need chrome profile anymore when you get Logii.
It will change your entire online marketing experience as each browser profile created in Logii,
gets you have an isolated browser environment for it with its own separate cookies, local storage, and even cache.
Even better, sites that have always fingerprinted your browser and destroy your business can’t do it anymore.

After getting Logii browser, your Internet experience will be change because:
  • No Fingerprinting
  • Geo-data protection
  • IP Protection
  • Independent Cookies
  • Language Identity
  • Protected Audio Identity
  • Time zone Anti-Detection
  • Custom Resolution Setup
  • Individualized LocalStorage
  • Unique User-Agents
  • Multi-Login capability
  • WebGL Anti-Detect
  • IndexedDB Uniquifier
  • Standards compatible browser
  • Independent Environment
  • Proxy support
  • Full browser parameter control
You can't get this with Chrome, Firefox, Safari Or Edge browsers

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