As its one of the most influential social platforms, you can not ignore Instagram as a brand.
Here are some proven tips to help you grow and optimize your Instagram.
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1. Relevancy.
Strategy Strategy has its place but relevancy supercharges growth. Social and culture go hand in hand. The more relevant you are in culture the more of an impact your content will have. Big moments = pause your strategy and execute on relevance.

2. Use ALL IG features
Instagram’s algo rewards you if you can keep consumers on your content. Use all features: - reels - igtv - stories - highlights - carousel.
Your audience will roam your content. In reward, your content will become more discoverable.

3. For conversions
use one link If your goal is to maximize ONE metric, then only use one link in your bio. Linktree like pages have their place... But it also adds extra steps. Whatever the desired outcome -- maximize for it. Make it as simple as possible.

4. Funnel Activation
One of my favorite IG moves is done by Bloomberg Business. They use their posts to tell a brief story. Then their CTA tells you to click the link in the bio for the full story. They create an article for every post and sure the thumbnail is the same image as the post so it's easily identifiable. Great for data. Great for activating a funnel.

5. Shares and Saves
Shares and saves mean your content is valuable. IG reads this and pushes your content outside your followers. The more people save and share your content, the more they'll see you as a market leader.

6. Linktree (how to optimize)
Don't use Linktree to upload thousands of links. Pick your top three.
For example:
1. Content (blogs, pod, YT)
2. Lead Magnet (Ebook, email series)
3. Product Just like you test CTAs on ads -- test CTAs on your links.

7. BIO
Your bio can be the difference between someone following you or scanning your content and leaving. Tell someone what to expect. Why to follow. What's in it for them on the daily. Optimize this by testing different bios.

8. Scale a feature
Some accounts make a killin' on IGTV. Some on IG Reels. Some w/ carousel posts. When you find the feature that's driving the most results -- scale it. Currently, some accounts are going 0 - 10k scaling their IG Reels efforts. It's pretty wild.

9. Follow Your Top Followers
You know those people who constantly engage with your posts, comment, and DM you? Follow them. Engage with their content. Show that you care. This will make them an advocate for you long term.

1. Relevancy > Strategy
2. Use ALL Ig features
3. For conversions - use one link
4. Active your funnel
5. Focus on shares and saves
6. Optimize linktree
7. Use your bio to drive followers
8. Scale your top feature (ex. Reels)
9. Follow your top followers

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