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Book Review 25 Best Thanksgiving Picture Books to Celebrate the Holiday

Today I will share with you the 25 Best Thanksgiving Picture Books to Celebrate the Holiday.

The great gifts of nature, the caring and loving care of parents, the ardent support of friends, and the selfless help of strangers...

These are small blessings that are easily overlooked, but they can always bring infinite warmth to our lives.

With Thanksgiving coming, read these picture books with your children, let TA grow up with a grateful heart, learn to appreciate those people and things that bring warmth, and say to them sincerely: "Thank you!"


25 Best Thanksgiving Picture Books for Kids of All Ages

1. Thanksgiving Is


Thanksgiving is a day to express gratitude. There are pumpkins, turkeys, reunions, feasts, games, performances, festive parades, sharing, and thanks.
Come and open this beautiful picture book, Find out about this holiday that expresses gratitude for the happiness you receive!

2. The First Thanksgiving

Simple language vividly tells the origin of Thanksgiving. The Step into reading series of books has invited many well-known writers to carefully arrange content suitable for children of various reading levels, use bright pictures, and enhance the layout with pictures and texts. Content on a variety of topics appeals to kids of all hobbies.

3. The Best Thanksgiving Ever!

"In late November, the blue sky was clear and Thanksgiving was finally here. So many hugs, so many kisses, so many'Happy Thanksgiving' wishes."
One family came together to celebrate everything they were grateful for. But wait, there's a little interlude...

4. It's Thanksgiving!

The turkeys are celebrating Thanksgiving! The parade is about to begin, and the pumpkin pie is baking in the oven. The whole family gathered around the table and waited for the big meal to start!

5. The Thanksgiving Story

This is an excellent picture book that has won the Caldecott Award, and it is also a wonderful picture book about Thanksgiving. The author tells the origin of Thanksgiving from the perspective of the Hopkins family.

6. 'Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving

The day before Thanksgiving, the children in the story visit a turkey farm. They were shocked to learn that the farmer planned to kill all the turkeys. So the kids decided to "smuggle" all the turkeys home...

7. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

In this lovely story, Charlie Brown and his friends go looking for the Thanksgiving "thank you", can they find it? Let's have a look!

8. Thank you, little apple!

Apples are delicious and healthy fruit with a flattering round shape. Do you know what process an apple needs to go through to grow from a seed to a big tree? Concise and interesting language, hand-painted and collage-combined drawing methods allow young readers to understand the growing process of apples, and at the same time appreciate the gift of nature.

9. Danke, gutes Brot! by Anne Möller​

Each of us has eaten bread, what process does a grain of wheat need to go through to become food?
The author uses concise language and vivid pictures to let young readers understand that seemingly ordinary food is actually hard-won, and can also appreciate all the gifts from nature and people's hard work so that they can cherish food more.

10. A Sky Without Birds

Monsieur Moisson was a well-known man in the town, and he had extremely dexterous hands. One day, the little boy Victor brought a bird that had fallen and asked him if he could heal it. Since then, Mr. Moisson has started an unknown secret work...
The stories full of romance, with strong style illustrations, full of poetic and touching plot stories, will guide children to experience the beauty and vastness of nature, and cultivate children's gratitude, tolerance and compassion.

11. Brother Eagle, Sister Sky

Through the meticulous color paintings and the heartfelt voice of the chief, the aboriginal people's love and respect for nature are expressed, and the deep family-like feelings between the aboriginal people and the land are revealed.

At the same time, it also reminds readers that animals and us humans are part of the earth and should respect each other, so as to inspire children to pay attention to and love nature.

12. For Everyone To Share

The little mouse walked out of the house for the first time. He was amazed by everything in front of him. There were so many incredible sights outside! He was curious, where is this place? Who does it belong to?

13. Thank You World

In this pleasing picture book, eight different children, in eight different countries, witness the splendor of thousands of worlds with innocent eyes. Learn to feel the world with gratitude, and you and I will be able to discover more scenery from it.

14. Who Is the World For?

Through the parent-child dialogue of different animals, the children are moved and admired by nature, and they are also more and more respectful of life and nature, and are full of gratitude and respect for the world!

15. Thank You Bear

Little Bear found a box, he thought it was a great box, and believed that the little mouse would like this box as much as he did, but when he shared it with other animals, the animals' indifferent reaction made Little Bear begin to doubt himself, this Is the box really as good as he thought?

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