We all know creating content is hard. But 98% of people don't know how to get ideas. I use YouTube. It works for me. So, I've audited 200+ YouTube channels to give you some inspiration. Here are 10 of the very best in content and writing.

This short article will help you;

1. Get great content ideas
2. Give you a great content strategy
3. Give you a tool to produce great articles.

The channels featured are on Content Creation, Systems, and Writing

1. Ship30for30
Start with writing better with
Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole
Most of their content is free and top-notch

2. Zach Ramelan

He is one of my favorite YouTube content creators.
He's an awarded Canadian filmmaker and his videos are the most well-crafted videos on storytelling.

3. Ali Abdaal

This is another great YouTube creator. He's a doctor living in London who've built a 2+M following as a side-hustle.
His content spans from productivity to living a better life.

4. The Studio

He needs no much intros. The best YouTube tech creator out there. His second channel takes us behind the scene, teaching us how he creates his videos. It's a must-have to realize the workflow of a huge creator.

5.The Futur

The Futur is Chris Do's channel and helps creatives build a business by doing what they love.
They explore ideas on how designers can make better work, leverage social media, and build a business.

6. Learning

This channel is all things Learning. From how to think about Sustainability in Everyday Life to Tips on How to Study at Home. A must if you want to create content on learning stuff.

7.Aurelius Tjin YouTube Channel

I love what Aureliu's doing on YouTube. He mostly shares on how to become a content creator. Some of the learnings are about how to write an e-book or launch an online course.

8. Paddy Gallaway.

Paddy is a well-known YouTube creator who explores how successful YouTubers built their brands and businesses. You can learn the secrets behind famous YouTube Creators and replicate them into other platforms too.

9.James Hoffman

James's channel is the perfect example of "niching down". His channel is only about coffee and let me tell you: I love it. Follow the example.

10. Behind the Brand.
Being a Creator has everything to do with building an online brand. This channel deeps down on how to build a brand by interviewing masters in the branding game like Steph Godin.


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