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  1. Royalty Grake

    Advice Rules of UX Design That Tech Startups Can Consider When Building User Interfaces

    Here are some Rules of UX Design best practices that designers can consider when building user interfaces. 1. Touch targets 2. Similar Elements 3. System feedback 4.Minimize choices 5.On Proximity 6. On what's a great design to the user 7. On progress bars 8. On...
  2. Royalty Grake

    Selling Discounted Elementor Addons Installs (With Resale Opportunities)

    As you are aware, I typically charge $10 per addon for each site to activate and install an authentic license to the addon(s) for your site but during the month of December, I'm offering the opportunity to buy in bulk that includes massive savings! The installs will be stored (saved) so that you...
  3. Royalty Grake

    Giveaway E-Book By Agaloth 150$ A Day

    Hello Guys, Here is a share that might help you. Access: LINK
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