Review of the best cheap web hosting services in 2022

There are many web hosting options available in the market,
each with their own unique features. It usually comes with a cost.
I reviewed and ranked the best cheap web hosting options for this year.
These reviews cover price, features, integration, and speed.
Let's start. Disclaimer: I earn a small commission from all affiliate links in this article.
This is not the only tool I recommend for website hosting.
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What is the best web hosting ?
These are my top picks for getting cheap web hosting.

1. Bluehost.


Bluehost is a web hosting company that collectively hosts over 2 million domains.
Their initial plan starts at $2.95 per month and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans.
Recommended by for over a decade now, it also offers features like:
* One free domain name for one year.
* Free SSL included.
* Install WordPress with just 1 click.
* Regular backups.
* 24/7 customer support.
* Five email accounts.
* Unlimited bandwidth.

Some online reviews show that Bluehost has a 99.98% uptime.

blue host.png

BlueHost provides functionality that compresses video to upload video and optimize for the Internet.
It also provides streaming video, an EasyDouse dashboard, a complete tool set and an unlimited number of fast web pages.

BlueHost provides free migration for WordPress hosting.
Charge Price:

Hosting Share

Common hosting is the best option for creating a website.

These are the price options.

* MAIN: $2.95 per month

* Plus: Mon 5.95 dollars

* Choice Plus: $6.95 per month

* Pro: $13.95 per month.

The main plan includes all common features, such as 50 GB SSD storage, five subdomains, 25 parking domains, and expected performance. The Pro plan, on the other hand, offers high performance, two spam experts, Site BackupCodeGuard Basic, a dedicated IP address, and more. All plans include free SSL and unlimited bandwidth.
VPS hosting

Choose VPS hosting to increase the performance and control of your website.
* The tariff plan includes:

* Standard: $19.99 per month

* Extra: $29.99 per month

* Ultimate: $59.99 per month

The standard plan includes 30 GB SSD storage, 2 GB RAM, 1 TB of bandwidth, and 30 GB SSD storage.
The advanced plan offers 60 GB of SSD storage, 4 GB of RAM and 2 TB of bandwidth.
The Ultimate plan includes 120 GB of SSD storage and 8 GB of RAM. It also offers 3TB of bandwidth.
Hosting to fit your needs

Dedicated Hosting gives you full control over your site, including multi-server management and enhanced
cPanel. The product plan includes:

* Standard: $79.99 per month

* Extra: $99.99 per month

* Premium: $119.99 per month

The standard plan includes 500 GB (mirrored), storage,
5 TB of bandwidth, and 3 IP addresses. It also has 4 GB of RAM.
The advanced plan offers 1TB (mirroring), storage, 10TB bandwidth, and 4 IPs and 8GB RAM.
The premium plan includes 16 GB RAM, 15 TB of bandwidth, 5 IPs and 1 TB (mirrored).
Bluehost offers three WordPress hosting plans.

* Basic: $3.95 per month

* Plus: $5.95 per month

* Choice Plus: $6.95 per month

The basic plan includes shared hosting and $200 in marketing credit.
Choice Plus plans include unlimited SSD storage and unlimited parking domains and subdomains.
CodeGuard native backups are also available. You can also use 1 Microsoft 365 mailbox for free for 30 days.
Important hosting features

Key Hosting Features:

* Marketing Credits. After you spend your first $25 on advertising, you pay $100 each for Microsoft Advertising or Google Ads.
Multi-Server Management: Add shared, dedicated, and VPS services to more than one account.
Log in once to manage all your shared web hosting services in one place.

* Content Delivery Network:provides direct integration with Cloudflare.
This will improve site performance. Free integration with no programming required.

* Enhanced cPanel: Manage domains, email addresses, properties and more from one central location.

* SiteLock protects your site from malware and other attacks.
Detect security vulnerabilities and data security threats that can compromise your site before they occur.


* You can restrict access to specific areas of your account by setting a unique password.
Domain Privacy + Protection is a way to prevent your domain from being blacklisted.

* Postini anti-spam features to filter out unwanted and malicious mail before it reaches your inbox.

* You can use file transfer protocol (FTP), to upload, modify, and download files from the virtual server.
FTP accounts can be created in unlimited numbers.

* There are hundreds of premium and free themes available for WordPress.

2. Hostinger.


Hostinger offers the lowest prices for web hosting, with up to 90% savings on hosting plans.
Hostinger offers shared web hosting, cloud, email hosting and VPS hosting.

It makes it easy to set up your website and make it live in just a few steps.
It has seven servers that are located in multiple countries, including the United States, UK, Netherlands, and Indonesia.
These Tier-3 datacenters are connected worldwide and offer reliability and lower latency.

Hostinger offers an uptime of more than 99% despite its low price.


The datacenters are equipped with fail-safes and multiple levels of RAID-10.
They also have weekly backups. Hostinger offers DCs with multiple ISPs and dual uplinks for security.

Hostinger offers features to ensure that websites are protected from all types of attacks.

* DDoS attacks are prevented on multiple layers

* Bitninja and Imunify360 (Web Application Firewalls) available on each server

* Wanguard Anti-DDoS Traffic Analyzer

* Intelligent firewall rules at the switch level

* Cloudflare Optional for All Accounts

* Custom web server rules

Pricing Breakdown:

All pricing plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free domain and SSL.


Shared hosting is best for beginners. You can upgrade your hosting plan if you want to expand your website.

Shared hosting for one: $0.99 per month

Paid shared hosting: $2.89 per month

Shared Hosting for Businesses: $3.99 per month

The shared plan comes with 1x allocated resources, limited bandwidth and two subdomains.
The shared plan includes 1 FTP account and 1 Cronjob, as well as 1 SQL database.

Premium shared hosting plans offer unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, websites, and more.
Weekly backups and 2X allocated resources are included.

Small businesses can benefit from a professional shared hosting plan.
Get 4x the allocated resources, daily backups, and all the other benefits of premium shared hosting plans.

Cloud storage.

Cloud hosting offers 48x resource allocation and other advanced solutions to eCommerce businesses.
These packages include:

Cloud Startup: $7.45 per Month

Professional Cloud $19.95 per month

Global Cloud $37.00 per Month

All plans include standard features such as 3x faster speeds and 24/7 dedicated support.

WordPress Hosting

Hostinger offers three WordPress hosting packages:

WordPress Beginners: $2.15 a month

WordPress Pro: $7.45 per month

WordPress Enterprise: $14.95 per month

These plans include a premium Jetpack and 300 websites. They also offer up to 140GB of disk space.
All plans come with free SSL and WordPress acceleration.

Hostinger offers advanced hosting plans as well

VPS Hosting Starting at $3.95 per

monthly Hosting Minecraft starts at $8.95 per Month

Windows VPS starting at $26 per Month

Important storage features

Hostinger PHP HTTP-It improves visitor retention, SEO, and convert with the most recent updates.
It can handle up to 3 requests per second.

Multi-level caching is a technique that reduces the time it takes to load static and dynamic web pages.
Joomla and WordPress load 10x faster than other CMS systems.

Scalable Architecture-It automates the startup process.
Plug in the network cable, and automation will start. Servers go online.

Disaster Recovery-Full Backup All accounts are available to restore your data within minutes.

Hidden at the custom server level This allows you to create Lipese buffer plug-ins to increase the popularity of web applications.
It can also use Turbut Web apps, which process more traffic and handle buffers using smart Purge technology.


Prometheus (predictive monitor technology) is also protected from storage issues.
Hostinger features include Litespeed caching, GZIP compression and spam detection.

Chat support is available 24 hours a day

There are many custom WordPress themes.

It supports SSH, SFTP, Git access. WPCLI, phpMyAdmin, and many versions of PHP are supported.

A 30-day money back guarantee

3. HostGator.


HostGator, a Houston-based web host service provider, offers shared,
WordPress, dedicated and VPS hosting as well as reseller hosting.
It offers services to more than 2 million companies and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

hosting fact.png

The shared plan also includes additional features such as free email and marketing software,
which are not available with other hosting services.

HostGator also offers a drag-and-drop website creator that will help you build your site.
The website builder is equipped with mobile-friendly templates that are pre-designed.
There are 20 categories in the templates, which include photography, portfolios and restaurants.

The WordPress hosting options are easy to install.
This is a great option if you are looking to create a website using a CMS system.
It supports Joomla, Drupal and Magento.
Pricing Breakdown:

45-day money-back guarantee, 99.9% uptime, and 24/7/365 customer support.


Hosting shared

Hatchling Plan: cost $2.75 per monthly

Small plan: Cost $3.95 per Month

Business plan: Cost $5.95 per month

All plans include unlimited bandwidth. SEO tools are also included in all plans.
The Business plan offers a dedicated IP address and the possibility to upgrade to a positive SSL for no extra cost.

WordPress Hosting.

* Beginner Plan: cost $5.95 per monthly

* Standard Plan: cost $7.95 per monthly

* Business Plan: Monthly cost $9.95

Hosting wordPress plans come with up to 3GB backup and 500 000 visits every month.

VPS Hosting

* Snappy 2000: cost $19.95 per monthly

* Snappy 4000: cost $29.95 per monthly

* Snappy 8000: cost $39.95 per monthly

Snappy 2000 plans have 2GB RAM, 2 Cores Processors and 120GB hard drive space.
Snappy 2000 plans come with up to 8GB RAM as well as 4 cores processors.
You get unlimited bandwidth and a hard drive of 240GB.

Hosting that's tailored to you

Dedicated hosting is best for large businesses that require complete control over their servers.

* Snappy 2000: cost $19.95/month

* Snappy 4000:cost $29.95 per month

* Snappy8000:$39.95/month

Dedicated hosting plans include up to 8 Core /16thread Intel Xeon D processors and 1 TB SSD storage.

Important Hosting Features

Script Installations: With just one click you can install many popular web apps, such as Drupal, WordPress and Drupal.

Intuitive panel - This panel provides intuitive web management platforms which provide central controls and analytics.

Professional email hosting: Manage and control your email with multiple management tools and POP3 account.
Stop spamming

Advanced programming – Create your site with advanced programming languages like Curl MySQL or Python.

The cPanel panel is very easy to use. Shared Linux hosting plans include an intuitive control board.
cPanel offers built-in content management tools to help you manage your website.


* NGINX PLUS can be used for caching to accelerate performance.

* SSD drives are able to store everything, even OS and data.

* CDNs that are distributed worldwide allow varnish cache to loaded up to 2x faster then traditional load times

* HostGator keeps 3 copies of your website for an emergency.

* Nginx/Varnish-based cache will speed up your site.

For a more detailed comparison, see my guide to HostGator and Bluehost.

4. SiteGround


SiteGround is a firm that caters to both personal and commercial websites.
Reseller hosting, Cloud hosting, and Enterprise hosting are examples of hosting services.

It is best recognized for its WordPress hosting services.

Ecommerce platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, and PrestaShop are also hosted by SiteGround.

Its data centers are spread across three continents to meet data security concerns: North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Singapore, London, Amsterdam, London, and London are among the locations where it has servers.

For faster page loading and high-level redundancy, SiteGround additionally uses Cloudflare CDN, SSD persistent storage, and other Cloudflare capabilities.

SiteGround's CDNs maintain up-to-date site copies and store them in numerous locations across the world for fast data recovery.

It's also possible to get a 99.99 percent average uptime.

hosting fact 2.png

A built-in site builder is one of SiteGround's supplementary features.
Automated WordPress migration for free.
Collaboration tools to aid with customer management, web page design, and other tasks.
SiteGround provides a variety of hosting plans to meet a variety of needs.
Web hosting is a service that allows you to host your own
Small and medium-sized websites will benefit from web hosting options.
$6.99 per month for the first six months
GrowBig costs $9.99 per month.
$14.99 per month for GoGeek
These plans include caching, a free CDN, free email, WordPress management,
daily backup, an unlimited database, and 40 GB of webspace.

WordPress Hosting.

WordPress Hosting is a service that allows you to host your website
WordPress hosting gives you more control over your WordPress site.
$6.99 per month for the first six months
GrowBig costs $9.99 a month.
$14.99 per month for GoGeek
It provides limitless websites, up to 40 GB of storage space, a monthly visitor count of 100,000,
on-demand backup copies, white label clients, and importance.Storage space and
monthly visitors differ depending on the hosting package.

Hosting for WooCommerce.
WooCommerce hosting costs $6.99 per month and rises to * $14.99 per month.
* $6.99 per month for the first six months
* GrowBig costs $9.99 a month.
* $14.99 per month for GoGeek
WP-CLI and SSH are among the usual features, as are 100% renewable energy match,
add collaborator, priority support, and speed-boosting caching.

Cloud hosting is a term that refers to the use of
Large enterprises and high-performing websites benefit the most from cloud hosting solutions.
* Monthly fee of $80
* $120 per month for a business.
* Business Plus: $160 per month
* $240 per month as a superpower
3 CPU cores, 6 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD storage, and 5 TB data transfer are included with the Entry plan.

As you scale up the plans, things like CPU cores, RAM, and SSD storage expand even more.
It also offers Reseller hosting, which starts at $9.99 per month, and Enterprise hosting, which is priced on a quote basis.
Features of a Good Host:

Free CDN - It provides a free Cloudflare CDN solution to ensure that your site loads faster for users from all around the world.

SSH & SFTP — It gives you direct SSH access to your cloud account, as well as SFTP for secure file transmission and management.

Collaboration Tools — A variety of collaboration tools are available, each with different user roles and access levels. You can even add several collaborators, each with their own login information.

Domain Management – Its low-cost domain registration and transfer services are available. It includes DNS services as well as a user-friendly domain control panel.Its AI-enabled anti-bot system is powered by user data and blocks a variety of security risks on a daily basis.

* Use its staging feature to test all of your modifications as you construct your online business.
* It uses custom written rules to update the Web Application Firewall on a regular basis.
It backs up all accounts on a daily basis and can save up to 30 website copies.
SiteGround keeps WordPress and WooCommerce up to date, ensuring that your website is secure and free of vulnerabilities.
It uses Opcache and PHP 7 on SSD servers.
Cloudflare CDN is provided for free.
Check out my comprehensive guide to SiteGround vs. Bluehost if you're searching for another in-depth comparison.

5. DreamHost.


DreamHost is a multi-award-winning hosting company that specializes in WordPress hosting,
website hosting, virtual private server hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting.
It is one of the four hosting services recommended by WordPress and hosts over 1.5 million websites.
In addition, DreamHost allows you to set up your own cloud servers in under 30 seconds. Redis,
Ruby on Rails, and MongoDB are also supported by the web hosting service.
It also provides open-source contributions in the form of coding, community,
and funding as an OpenStack Foundation Gold Member. When it comes to ethics, .
it will immediately reimburse a day's hosting price to your account if your website goes down.
There were no questions asked!

Aside from that, DreamHost has a 99.94 percent uptime average.


Pricing Breakdown:

DreamHost offers a variety of hosting packages for different types of businesses.

Website hosting on a shared server.

$2.59 per month as a starter

$4.95 per month for unlimited

Unmetered bandwidth, SSD storage, round-the-clock support, WP builder, and more are all included in shared hosting options.

WordPress Hosting is a service that allows you to host your website

DreamHost provides three different WordPress hosting options:

Starting at $2.59 a month, WordPress Basic is a great way to get started with WordPress.

DreamPress is available for $19.95 a month.

WordPress VPS: Prices start at $27.50 per month.

The WordPress Basic plans are best for starters, whilst the DreamPress plans are better for managed WordPress hosting. Daily and on-demand backups, custom caching + email, and other services are included with DreamPress hosting options. The VPS WordPress Plan, on the other hand, gives you more backend control and allows you to host up to five WordPress blogs.
Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting.

VPS Hosting is ideal for maintaining control over speed, security, and updates.

Basic VPS: $10 per month

$20 per month for a VPS Business

$40 per month for a VPS Professional

$80 per month for a VPS Enterprise

These are the prices for three-year payment plans. You can also pick between a monthly or annual plan. Limitless websites, extendable RAM and storage, US-based VPS, unlimited bandwidth and traffic are just a few of the usual features.

DreamHost also offers Cloud Hosting, which includes quote-based options, as well as Dedicated Server Hosting, which starts at $149 per month.

Features of a Good Host:

Its user-friendly control panel allows you to add users, update domain
information, obtain access to promotions, and change email settings.

Install online software like WordPress with a single click using the 1-Click Installer.

Solid State Drives (SSD) — All of its virtual private servers are powered by
high-speed SSD drivers that provide a 20x performance boost.

Scalable RAM - You can start with 1GB of RAM and grow it as needed using the
VPS management panel. It's ideal for firms that are rapidly expanding.

Unlimited MySQL Databases – It comes with a VPS option that is
pre-configured to enhance MySQL performance.
Benefits: You can pay on a monthly basis.

To manage client and contractor website access, client accounts, FTP,
and billing, create an unlimited number of sub-accounts.

It provides complete control over BSD, Linux, or MS-Windows servers that are unmanaged.

For improved customization, all of the code is open source.

It uses nextCloud/OwnCloud, QNAP, CloudBerry, Retrospect,
DropShare, and other cloud backup services to do frequent backups.

Increased reliability and performance with RAID 1 storage.

6. GoDaddy.


Starting at $5.99 per month, GoDaddy offers both domain registration and web hosting services.

It has a drag-and-drop website builder built in.
It also allows you to install over 125 online apps with a single click,
including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Developer tools such as cPanel,
MySQL, Python, and numerous PHP versions are also available.

GoDaddy also offers a dedicated server with unlimited resources and root access.
For dedicated server hosting, you can choose from
fully managed, managed, or self-managed options.
Breakdown of Costs:

GoDaddy offers a variety of hosting options, from shared
hosting for small businesses to VPS hosting for huge corporations.


Hosting is a service that allows you to host your own website
GoDaddy's web hosting plans include expert help from the United States, which is available 24/7/365, as well as a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
* Deluxe: $7.99/month
* Ultimate: $12.99/month
* Economy: $5.99/month
* $19.99 per month as a maximum

Unmetered bandwidth, 100 GB of storage, free DNS, free eMail, 2x power memory,
and other features are included in the starting plan. Every strategy builds on the one before it.
WordPress Hosting is a service that allows you to host your WordPress
There's a 30-day money-back guarantee on WordPress hosting plans. Here are some of the plans:
* $6.99 a month for the basic plan
* Deluxe: Monthly fee: $9.99
* $12.99 per month for the ultimate package.
* $15.99 a month for e-commerce

SFTP access (Deluxe, Ultimate, and Ecommerce levels), CDN Boost, PHP 7,
and other features are included with these plans.
Virtual Private Server (VPS).

* $4.99 per month for 1 vCPU
* $19.99 per month for 2 virtual CPUs
* $49.99 per month for 4 virtual CPUs
* $69.99 per month for 8 vCPU

The costs for Standard RAM are as follows. High RAM hosting plans start at $9.99 per month
and go up to $99.99 per month. Root access, automated weekly backups, performance monitoring,
and other common features are included.

Hosting for companies.

Business Hosting combines the strength of VPS hosting with the
convenience of a user-friendly control panel.
* $19.99 per month at launch
* Enhance costs $34.99 a month.
* $44.99 per month to grow
* $59.99 per month (expandable)

These options provide limitless websites, unlimited bandwidth and
databases, as well as a standard SSL certificate.

You can also use various types of hosting plans, such as Reseller hosting,
which starts at $39.99 per month. The blueprints resemble
business strategies fairly closely. On the most expensive plan,
you can get up to 240 GB of storage.

Dedicated Server Hosting is also available, starting at $94.99 per month and
rising to $184.99 per month. You can receive up to four CPU cores, 32 GB of
RAM, two terabytes of storage, and unmetered internet, among other things.
-Features of a Good Host:

WooCommerce is available for free and includes over 40 premium extensions for bookings,
shipment tracking, subscriptions, and UPS shipping ways.

Uptime Monitor - Get quick notifications when your website is down so you can get help right now.
It allows you to develop your own WordPress site templates using the
Template Builder. You can also utilize an existing backup WordPress template as a guide.

Sucuri Security Check — This service performs automated security scans and informs site
owners about security issues such as blacklisting and malware.

Maintenance Mode - Inform your visitors about the ongoing maintenance on your
website so that you can provide them with better service in the future.


Make off-site backups on a monthly or hourly basis.

Get thorough information on websites to help you improve and optimize them.

Share reports with your team and track website performance from a single dashboard.

Installatron gives you access to over 150 free tools for creating forums, CMS sites, and blogs.

It comes with an infinite number of MySQL databases.

It performs malware scans, eradication, and hack repair on a regular basis.

You may read my comprehensive guide to GoDaddy vs. HostGator for a more in-depth comparison.

7. iPage.


The cheapest web hosting service on this list is iPage, which costs $1.99 per month.
However, you must pay for this price benefit 36 months in advance.

It also includes free SiteLock security scans, $200 in Bing and Google credits,
a free custom domain, and 24/7 customer service.

If you're not happy with iPage, you can get a 30-day refund with no questions asked.
It also has a 99.97 percent uptime with a load time of 759 milliseconds.


Aside from that, iPage offers website-building options such as one-click WordPress and other web app installation.

It also includes a drag-and-drop site builder with a six-page restriction per website.
t also has a builder for creating mobile sites. If you don't pay for the upgrade,
though, the website builder will add a branding link to your page.

Unlike the other hosting services on this list, iPage does not offer free backup or SSD storage.
Breakdown of Costs:

Web hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, and dedicated hosting are among the four types of hosting plans offered by iPage.

Web hosting is a service that allows you to host your own
You may get it for $1.99 each month for the first three years.
After that, you'll have to pay $7.99 a
month to renew your subscription.
It comes with unmetered web space and bandwidth,
as well as limitless email addresses.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting.
VPS Hosting gives you more control and power. The plans include the following:
* $19.99 per month (basic)
* Monthly cost for a business is $47.99.
* $79.99 per month Optimum
The Optimum plan comes with a quad-core processor, 8GB of RAM, 120GB of disk space,
4TB of bandwidth, two IP addresses, a free one-year domain registration, CentOS 7, and more.

Dedicated hosting is a type of web hosting that allows you to have

* $119.99 per month as a start-up
* $151.99 per month for professionals
* $191.99 per month (enterprise)

The Startup plan includes a two-core CPU, four gigabytes of RAM,
500 gigabytes of storage space, five terabytes of bandwidth, and three IP addresses.
After scaling up your plans, you obtain more allocations for all of these qualities.
WordPress Hosting is a service that allows you to host your website

$3.75 per month for WP Starter

WP Essential costs $6.95 a month.

Both subscriptions include with unlimited storage and bandwidth, as well as a c
ustomizable control panel with pre-installed themes and plugins.

WordPress expert assistance, automatic malware removal, and
iteLock professional protection are also included in the premium package.
Features of a Good Host:

Free eMail - With your own domain, you can create and utilize an infinite number of emails.
You may also utilize autoresponders and email forwarding with it.

Website builder — Create a website in minutes using an AI-powered site builder.

In-depth Analytics — Use analytics tools like Google Analytics to track the performance of your website.

Resources that are semi-private – It is equipped with high-performance mirrored SAN storage.
It also ensures memory resource allocation for maximum server performance.

Total customisation — iPage allows you to install applications and gives you complete control through a user-friendly control panel.


Pre-installed scripts such as PHP5, Python, and Perl are included in all hosting tiers.

Pre-installed plugins, themes, and a fully customized WordPress cPanel help you get started quickly.

For added security, it includes SiteLock and a bespoke firewall.

PixelPost, WordPress, b2evolution, and other CMS platforms are supported.

You'll have access to an unlimited number of MySQL databases.

It comes with a security suite worth $100.

8. A2 Hosting.


A2 Hosting is a different low-cost Webhosting service
which offers the ability to cancel your account at any time.

In addition, it comes with turbo servers that provide up to
20 times more speedy page loading speeds than the standard hosting service.
This means it offers an average loading
time of 320 milliseconds and 99.99 percent average uptime.


It also includes SSDs in the majority of its hosting services. Furthermore,
A2 Hosting leverages RAID (Redundant array of independent Disks)
which is an option for storage that stores the data on
several hard disks to prevent loss of data.

A2 Hosting also believes in the reduction of carbon footprints.
So, it has joined forces in a partnership with
Carbonfund and is currently 100% carbon-free.

Pricing Breakdown:

A2 Hosting offers five hosting plans which include shared hosting,
WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and
dedicated server hosting.

* Shared Hosting.

* Startup: $2.99/mo

* Drive: $4.99/mo

* Turbo Boost: $9.99/mo


GreenGeeks is another web hosting provider that believes in
environmental-friendly business.
It bases its hosting infrastructure using wind power to
adhere to the go green principles.

It offers four types of hosting services, comprising Shared Hosting,
WordPress Hosting VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting as well as Reseller Hosting.
It also provides a free domain for you to start. In addition,
you can include an unlimited number of domains for your hosting plan.
To simplify things the company offers cPanel hosting panel.

It also boasts 99.96 percent uptime average and 453 milliseconds load time.


Additionally, you can utilize Fantastico along with
Softaculous script installers to the most popular
blog and CMS platforms, including Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.

A few notable features are:

SSD Storage arrays.

Speed technology like LiteSpeed LSCache,
MariaDB, LiteSpeed PHP7, HTTP/2 and a free CDN.

24/7 customer support.

Built-in scalability

Pricing Breakdown:

GreenGeeks offers similar plans for shared and WordPress hosting services.

Lite: $2.95/mo

Pro: $5.95/mo

Premium: $11.95/mo

Apart from the Lite plan, which provides the ability to host a single
website online The other plans all offer nearly the same features , such as:

Unlimited Websites and Web Space

Unlimited data transfer

Free premium SSL

A domain name free for the first year.

Free Nightly Backup

Free CDN service

Here are the VPS hosting choices:

* 2GB: $39.95/mo

* 4GB: $59.95/mo

* 8GB: $109.95/mo

VPS Hosting plans provide up to 8 GB of RAM with 6 vCPUs 150GB SSD space,
10TB transfer, cPanel, a free SSL certificate and a free transfer of websites.

Reseller Hosting.

* RH-25: $19.95/mo

* RH-50: $24.95/mo

* RH-80: $34.95/mo

It provides up to 160GB of SSD capacity, 1600GB of transfer and 80 cPanel account.
The basic features include SSL and cPanel migratory services, PHP 7 and HTTP/2, among others.

Important Hosting Features:

Customisable Control Panel - Embedded your brand's logo as well as colors into the cPanel in order
to provide a full branding. It is also possible to use the DNS that is branded to meet the branding requirements.

Wholesale Domains - Transfer or register .com or org .net, .ca, and 1000+ top-level domains through the account manager.

Free cPanel migration - It offers dedicated experts to assist you in moving between
up to thirty cPanel account for absolutely no cost.

WHM Access Utilize WHM access to set up separate cPanel accounts for plans for reseller hosting.

WordPress Acceleration - LiteSpeed's LSCache WordPress plugin to improve your
site's performance up to four times.


Find out which versions are outdated and then update WordPress as well as other plug-ins.

It also offers a free SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt to ensure complete HTTPS support.

Automatically install WordPress in just one click.

It offers dedicated experts for the migration of your website at no cost.

RAID 10 SSD storage arrays that can provide faster and more stable storage of data.

Virtual Private Server with dedicated IPs.

10. HostPapa.


HostPapa is located in Canada. It is a hosting service that offers reseller,
shared, WordPress, and VPS hosting. In addition, they claim to offer the
following services: a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, a 30 day refund guarantee,
24/7 support and a free setup and domain names.

Other features include a web-based website builder, email, hundreds of
business applications and security tools, as well as self-help tutorials,
guides etc. Additionally, you can use the speeds-enhancing Cloudflare CDN to boost
your website's speed for no extra cost.

Pricing Breakdown:

Web Hosting

Starter: $3.95/mo

Business: $3.95/mo

Professional: $12.95/mo

A few of the standard features are no cost website transfers, no-cost Cloudflare CDN,
Cloud Linux servers 24/7 support, free one-on one training, simple-to-use cPanel and many more.

VPS Hosting.

Mercury: $19.99/mo

Venus: $59.99/mo

Earth: $109.99/mo

Mars: $169.99

Jupiter: $249.99/mo

The Mercury plan comes with four core processors, 2GB memory and 60 GB of
SSD storage and 1TB transfer. In contrast the Jupiter plan comes with 12 core
CPUs 24GB memory, 1TB SSD storage along with 8 TB transfers.

WordPress Hosting.

WP Starter: $3.95/mo

The WP Business $5.95/mo

WebP Business Pro $12.95/mo

Standard features include the pre-installed WordPress optimized caching for WordPress
(WordPress Super Cache and Varnish) and Jetpack, a free Jetpack, etc.

The most important features of hosting:

Free Website Migration - Transfer your website and get assistance throughout
the process to ensure that your website remains up and running 24/7.

Over 400 Apps to Choose From - You can incorporate over 400 apps that are
free to build or incorporate features such as shopping carts and blogs.

WordPress-Friendly is pre-installed with WordPress and Jetpack for faster start.

One-on-One Training Sessions : Take advantage of a 30-minute one-on one
training session with a professional if you require additional assistance.


It includes hundreds of templates that are mobile friendly.

Ecommerce-ready architecture that is ready to launch the first online shop.

24/7 customer support via email, phone, and chat in four language ( English, French, German as well as Spanish).

A user-friendly tool to assist you in creating your website quickly.

Free site migration.

11. Namecheap.


Namecheap is a domain registrar as well as a web hosting service provider for novices,
small-sized businesses as well as large companies. The lowest price begins
with $1.44 per month.It permits hosting up to three websites using the CMS you prefer.
But, it offers only 20GB of storage, which is sufficient for a
blog with a limited number of posts.

Other features include a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth,
website builders with the one-click WordPress installation, and more.
Additionally, its drag-and drop builder includes more than 200
already-designed themes.

Namecheap also provides round-the-clock 24/7 customer service as well as a
money-back assurance, a 99.9 100% uptime guarantee per month
and a free migration of hosting.

Pricing Breakdown:

Shared Hosting.

Stellar: $1.44/mo

Stellar Plus: $2.44/mo

Stellar Business: $4.44/mo

The plans all include features such as unlimited bandwidth and free
Supersonic CDN and domain name registration, free website builders and
24/7 customer service and more.

WordPress Hosting.

* EasyWP Starter: $3.88/mo

* SimpleWP Turbo: $7.88/mo

The EasyWP Supersonic interface: $11.88/mo

In these plan, you'll receive up to 100GB of SSD, up to 500,000
visits per month 2x more CPU as well as 2x the RAM. These specs decrease
when your pricing plan decreases. It is also possible to purchase EasyWP Turbo and
EasyWP Supersonic come with the free CDN as well as free SSL.

VPS Hosting.

Pulsar: $8.88/mo

Quasar: $15.88/mo

The Quasar plan comes with 2 CPU Cores 2GB RAM 40 GB SSD RAID 10 as well as
1000GB of Bandwidth. However the Quasar plan comes with 4 CPU
Cores 6GB RAM 120 SSD RAID 10 GB along with 3000 GB Bandwidth.

Namecheap also provides Reseller Hosting (starting at $18.88)
and dedicated hosting (between $45.88 between $45.88 and $199.88).
The top plan of dedicated hosting includes up to dual 8 cores at 2.1 2GHz, 64 GB DDR4, etc.

Important Hosting Features:

Server Level Choice gives Medium, Entry and Advanced levels that meet the different requirements of businesses.

Optimized Network - Its Dedicated Server works on an individual
Cisco/Juniper-powered network. Each server is connected via Highwinds,
Level3, Cogent, HE, and Integra to handle high traffic.

Manage Server Options: It gives three options for management, which include Complete,
User-Responsible, and Basic to help you choose the best way to manage your server.

Maintenance Mode - Only go live when you're ready to delight your customers.

SFTP Files Access - Access files with SFTP. You can also make use of
the timebox to give your credentials to anyone in a secure way.


You can connect any domain on the WordPress site without having to exit from your EasyWP dashboard.

Make backups and restore your files in just one click.

It gives you access for free for Namecheap's Content Delivery Network.

Utilize root access to the server, select the Operating System and choose
whether or not you'd like to set up an cPanel to have complete control.

Faster storage is possible through SSD storage that is pure SSD storage.

It is backed by a 30 day money-back warranty.


Screenshot_23.png offers domain names as well as website hosting.
Each hosting plan lets you install top open-source CMSs such as Drupal,
PHPBB, Joomla, WordPress, and CubeCart.

The most common features are:

A domain name that is free for one year.

Unlimited disk space.

Scalable bandwidth.

24/7 customer support.

A free SSL certificate.

It also has complete redundancy, diesel as well as UPS backup, round-the all-hour surveillance,
redundant cooling as well as regular backups.

But, does not provide information about the site for its Datacenter.
They claim, however, that they manage their hosting services from the Level 1 facility.

Pricing Breakdown:

Web Hosting

Basic: $3.75/mo

Deluxe: $6.75/mo

Ultra: $13.75/mo

This plan can be ideal for a basic website and only one domain name,
whereas the Deluxe plan allows you to control multiple websites.
However the Ultra plan allows unlimited storage and websites as well as
scalable bandwidth with unlimited databases along with the
ability to have unlimited FTP logins.

WordPress Hosting.

WP Starter: $3.75/mo

WP Essential: $6.95/mo

Both plans include unlimited storage as well as unlimited bandwidth, a
customized controls panel with preinstalled themes, plugins,
as well as security features for the site lock.

Important Hosting Features:

Curated Themes includes a wide selection of responsive mobile WordPress themes.

Pre-Installed WordPress Plugins - The plugin installs, configures
and is installed on your WordPress website with Jetpack and W3 Total Cache.

Automated Malware Removal - WP Essential automatically
identifies and takes care of any malware threat.


It comes with an SSL Certificate from Let's Encrypt.

You can connect via the direct telephone number to reach the Support agents to get any assistance.

WP Essential scans your website to identify security weaknesses.

It is equipped with unlimited disk space that can allow you to run large websites.

It provides 24/7 support via email and telephone.

Utilize its marketing tools such as personalized eMail to reach out to your target audience.

13. Hostwinds.


Hostwinds is an internet hosting service that offers shared VPS, dedicated WordPress cloud hosting plans.
It has a wide range of options, including auto-installed features
FTP with unlimited bandwidth, as well as no-cost SSL certificates.

It also comes with a user-friendly cPanel and provides an unlimited
number of subdomains and email addresses along with MYSQL databases.

Other features included in the standard package include:

Unlimited Email Accounts

Unlimited Databases

Instant Setup

Unlimited Subdomains

Weebly Site Builder

You can also utilize the free transfer service for websites for transferring to Hostwinds hosting provider.
They will assist you in setting up your new host using an inexpensive domain name immediately.

However managed WordPress hosting isn't available.
You'll need to utilize Softaculous for installation and
to utilize WordPress as well as its hosting services.

Pricing Breakdown:

Both reseller and shared hosting have the same pricing plans:

* Reseller and Shared Hosting.

* Basic: $3.29 per month

* Advanced: $4.23 per month

* Ultimate: $5.17 per month

All plans provide unlimited bandwidth as well as Disk Space.
In addition, the Ultimate Plan also lets you utilize unlimited domains.

Business Hosting.

* Basic: $5.64/mo

* Advanced: $6.58/mo

* Ultimate: $7.99/mo

All plans come with SSD, Softaculous auto-install, instant setup,
no-cost transfer of websites, the latest cPanel, unlimited subdomains and
email accounts.

White Label Hosting

White Label Reseller Hosting is $10 per month.
It allows you to start your own hosting business and
offers full control of WHMCS.

The most important features of hosting:

Nightly Backup - Utilize the cloud backup feature that runs at night to ensure your
data is secure for the time you need it.

Website Monitoring checks websites throughout the day and then
raises an automatic ticket.Then it is resolved,
support engineers are on the lookout for the fastest resolution.

Full Management is a service that provides 24/7/365 customer support via chat,
phone, or ticket to resolve any technical problems.

Hosting Free: Hostwind's client support team will assist you transfer your website for no cost.


It offers security systems for power backup, redundant power systems, data centers,
as well as an operation center that is available 24 hours per day.

The cPanel interface is simple. interface.

Make use of Softaculous Auto Installer to set up and install web-based applications such as WordPress.

You have access to Weebly Website Builder, which lets you build and design a site without any programming.

What are the things to look for In Cheap web hosting?

It's important to not sacrifice certain aspects such as security and speed of loading when
searching for a budget web hosting service. You must offer a safe, secure user-friendly,
reliable and user-friendly experience to your clients.

Let's look at some important qualities to look for in a good Webhosting service

Automated Backups - Regular data backups for your website can help you
restore the previous version with no difficulty. This feature can be very
useful in the event of a data loss or technical problem. So, be sure to know
how often your hosting provider takes the backup, and also how long it will
be stored on their servers.

Web Monitoring: Proactive site monitoring by hosting services can help you avoid malware problems.
It also lets you prevent security flaws before they cause a problem for your company.

Top-of-the-line Hardware The present day hosting service providers utilize SSDs to
provide additional speed. Additionally, ensure that they provide guarantees
on resources in case you need to expand your site at any point in the future.

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) - CDN decreases delay and can
help in ensuring quicker page load. If you're looking to reach a worldwide
customer base, then it's best to choose a provider which offers CDN.

Widely-integrated - Your affordable web hosting provider must allow integration with the most
popular platforms, such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and many more.
In addition, you may prefer one-click installations to help make it easier to save time and money.

Simple to use cPanel - Ensure that you use an intuitive and user-friendly cPanel to
perform tasks such as backup servers, administration of servers, scaling and much more.

Advanced programming - The site hosting needs to accommodate advanced
programming languages like Apache, PHP, Curl, MySQL, Python, phpMyAdmin,
Ruby on Rails and many more.

Service-level Agreement (SLA) Find for a web hosting service willing to provide continuous
service by signifying the SLA agreement. It also implies that they'll reimburse you for expenses
in the event that their server fails in accordance with the terms of the agreement.


That's it! These are my top choices for the most affordable web hosting.
The best selection will be based on your requirements, your business size,
as well as a host of other variables. Examine your business's requirements as well
as the goal of the site, the load on the site as well as security requirements,
technical needs and budget before making the best choice.

For instance, Bluehost is easy-to-use and overall, a reliable choice.
It is also able to manage large-scale enterprises as well as heavy traffic.

If you're looking to begin with a blog that is small or website, you can choose Namecheap
(starting with $1.44 each month) as well as IPage (starting with $1.99/month).

However, A2 Hosting could be the best choice for you if you're searching for the fastest website speed.

In the end, Bluehost is my #1 preference based on a number of aspects:

The most popular choice made by WordPress

Domains and free backups are available for download.

Average uptime of greater than 99.98 percent

24/7 customer support

No cost SSL security certificate.