A lot temporary things happens between the age 18-25. This is the age we are shaping our future.
At this age, we have not yet discovered our true selves and yet we meet a lot of many different people.
As we have no previous experience in handling relationships like adults, we may end up disappointing some of those who we connect with.
Some friendship and feelings may wear away, or you will lose interest as you realize that this is not what you really want.

This short article is a guide on 10 important things you need to know.

Here are the 10 things everyone between 18-25 should know.

10 things everyone between 18-25 should know.png

1. You will find yourself worrying and stressing too much because you're new to adulthood.

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Most of your worries come from comparing yourself to your friends and people 10 years ahead of you.
Accept that you'll get there through finding your path and remaining consistent.

2. At some point you are going to be looked down on.
Everyone has their egos.
And You'll surely get upset for getting looked down on because of your youth.
The problem is if you don't leverage this pain. Let it fuel you to work harder and remain consistent.

3.You still have much to learn.
This is a mistake I made too.
I thought I knew everything and could do it all myself.
Learn from those who are more experienced. Listen to others, not everyone.

4. Failure is when you fail to try new things.
At this point, staying in your bubble is a crime.
Try new things. This is how you get experience.

5. You need take responsibility of your life as fast as you can.

Take resposibility.png

You can't let others dictate your decisions.
Whether you want to get married, start a company, or improve your physique.
You are wasting your time if you don't take control of your life.

6.Keep track of your progress.
You'll be glad you took notes.
When you look back some point in life, you'll be glad you tracked your life.

Kee p track of your Time.png

And this should be taught to younger children too as its an important element of living.

7. Connect with God.
When God isn’t in your life, its much easier to lose sight of the important things in life.
God is helps to keep you grounded. This is something that we all need.

8. Visit new places.
You should travel solo, with friends, or with your spouse.
You won't regret leaving your home and visiting new places.
Visit new Places.png

9. Education isn't a scam.
Although formal education may be in going down, learning is a contours process.
Learning in classrooms has been replaced by self-teaching.
If someone tells you that school is a waste of time, that's not true.

10. Lift weights. Strive to keep your body fit. Eat healthy foods.
Lifting weights doesn't have to be for only the bodybuilders or men.
It is for everyone.


1. Stop worrying and stressing too much. Balance and relax.
2. You are going to be looked down on - take it as leverage for growth.
3.Understand that you are in a learning process and can't do everything yourself.
4. Be courageous and try new things in life.
5. Be more responsible.
6. Keep track of your progress.
7. Connect with God.
8. Visit new places.
9. Education is important and learning is a continuous process.
10. Work on your body fitness.

These are some of the the foundations that will guide you and help you as you grow into adulthood.
Feel free to add more points in the comments.