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1.Build a folder In notion, in your phone notes, in google docs, or in your notebook.

Build a folder or section for all your ideas. This will be your ‘Golden Notebook.

This is where you’ll find your golden nuggets.
Whenever your lacking on ideas or don’t know what to do next, just open this notebook and you’ll instantly get re inspired.

2 . Set time to generate ideas

These are called Idea Generation Sessions.
Our best ideas don’t come out of the blue, they come from inspiration around you.
The more you read, the more you learn, the more you experience. The more your mind will be filled with firer ideas.

Put at least an hour aside in your day to:
- Read books
- Read articles
- Watch YouTube
- Study your favorite creators.

Remember: Keep your golden notebook close and write down all your ideas.

3. Set time to create

set time to create.png

All that reading, learning, and writing down ideas won’t matter if you don’t take action on them.
So it’s crucial that you pick a certain time of the day to sit down and bring your ideas to life.

Start with 1-2 hours then add more as you get better.
Also try doing it at the same time everyday.
This way you get in the habit of creating at that same time every day.

4. Build triggers

Build triggers that get you in creation mode.
Pick a specific spot, a specific time, and a specific activity you will do before creating.
You could
- Go walk
- Meditate
-Hit push ups
- Hit a few stretches
- Go to a coffee shop
- Play the drums with your pen

Repeat these triggers and your mind will build the habit of getting into creation after following your routine.

5. Create a system to build on your ideas
idea system.png

Sometimes you will get ideas, but won’t know how to build on them.
This is why it’s important to have systems that will help you organize what you’re going to accomplish.

Thank you for reading.