Everyone needs to pick one top-value skill. Learn it for 3-12 months.
Then you’ll miraculous make £10k/m. How to choose a skill to master & make £10k/m.


The first step is to pick a skill which is the vehicle that gets you to your destination. This will guard you from disappointment . Picking the wrong one will force you to pick another skill in 6 months time. Avoid indecision and wrong choices by doing a proper analysis or speaking to an expert.

Please note, no shortcut for skill mastery. It requires time and dedication. If your target is £10k/m be prepared that it may take 12+ months. This is the sacrifice and price you have to pay.

Lets break it down into specific skills.

- What books to read.
- Who to learn from.
- How to make money from that skill.

These are skills
  • Creative design
  • Sales
  • Copywritin
  • Ecom email
  • Cold email
  • Seo
  • Paid ads
  • Funnel building
  • Web design

Copywriting: Copywriting is the backbone of all marketing. You do not need to be good at writing to be a good copywriter so don’t let that discourage you .

What makes a great copywriter?
  • Understanding psychology.
  • Being a good researcher
With this, you can write word that can sell any product or service.

If you want to starting from scratch here’s what you need to do.
  • Make a swipe file of the best marketers and their work.
  • Learn from the greats.
  • Read copywriting books.
  • Abundance amounts of Market research.
  • Start writing first thing in the morning.
  • Join a network of copywriters either through social media groups, forums or email newsletters and learn from them.
How to make £10k/m?

With me the easiest way to make unthinkable amount of money, is to learn how to write sales letters for companies.
But there are multiple ways to make £10k/m with copywriting. Find your own way.

Cold email is how you will get clients to start with. The best option is to learn this.

Paid adverts You have a few options with this.
- FB - Google/YT
- TikTok

This is among highest leverage activities you can do. However, I believe to be good at adverts, you need multiple skills when starting out.

1. Copywriting.
2. Creative design.
3. Funnel building.

Of course, you could outsource. But it will eat into your margins & no guarantees that they will get results.
But I started with adverts and had no issue.
Then it forced me to get good at everything real quick.

So where do you to start?

Create a swipe file: - As you go through social media start saving adverts that are doing well.


- Ones that have lots of engagement.
- Ones that you see often.
- Ones within your niche.
- Make note of the competitor and start building a swipe file.

How can a beginner can make £10k/m ?

Find clients with a winning offer. Offer to run adverts for 10-15% ROI (Return On Investment)

What to do to hit £10k/m?

1.Learn to be a high ticket closer and get a job at the end.
2.Learn another skill + sales.
3.Take winning scripts and adapt them.
4.Record each sales call and Watch it back.
5.Improve script and Repeat it.

Funnel building Funnels :are used by all modern day marketers. Anyone who knows anything about marketing is replacing their website with a funnel . This focuses on conversions, Leveraging copywriting & psychology.

Get to know that 95% of funnels is copywriting.

Where to learn it:
  • Swipe file.
  • Look for marketers that have funnels and save them.
  • Clickbank.
  • Sell companies running adverts to websites with high converting funnel.
  • Take a percent of increased ROI.
  • Use that as a case study to get more clients.

Web design: A lot of money to be made here.

I know companies that charge £20k+ for a website. They don’t even focus on conversions.
If I was going to sell this I’d use webflow.
I’d also learn about how to build sites that convert.

Then you can pitch a beautiful, highly responsive, highly converting website.

Creative design : Is a valuable skill but I believe ROI driven skills are more valuable.
If it’s more valuable, you can charge more making and easier to hit £10k/m.

If you have an eye for design there’s two routes you can use;

1. Creatives for media buyers
2. Design websites

Ecom email : This is getting saturated. You really have to go above and beyond. It requires being good at copywriting & design.
Lots of money to be made on Rev share deals though.

If I was going to learn?
To make £10k/m I would use contact.com and sell them on a performance basis.

Once you've chosen a skill, stick with it for 12 months.
Get to know everything about it and put aside everything else.


1. Buy a highly valuable skill course.
2. Learn the skill for 6-12 months.
2. Buy $100m Offers and read it 2x.
4. Craft a winning performance based offer.
5. Buy Cold email mastery and start outreaching.

Let me know your thoughts and I will appreciate some feedback in the comments bellow. Finally if you like this article or it was helpful ,share it.
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