The TikTok Strategy You Need To Increase Your Business Profits

This short article also answers;
  • Why an entrepreneur or manager needs a TikTok strategy?
  • What it is?
  • Why Your firm needs it?

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The answer is simple: strategy is what you need to get your business from where you are today to where you want to in a few years.
But you might say why do I need a strategy to do that? The business can just carry on what it is doing now,
maybe introduce a new product here, enter a new market there and in few years we shall have a larger profit than we have today.

Let's get right into this! Okay so first I found a completely untapped product (found it on Walmart).
This product had never existed on Tiktok Couldn't find a single video of it. From my experience with Tiktok, I had a feeling this
product would attractive, Eye-catching, and satisfying as well. I immediately ordered the product and began
building the website after a few days website was built and the product had arrived. It is now time for me to start creating content for the product.

So what I did was to find viral videos in the niche Basically products are somewhat similar to it. Found 5 viral videos and started
recreating them with my downtown twist aka Adding “Controversy”. Now, instead of trying to get sales right away
I put “Launching at 500 followers” in my bio this helped me build some traction and hype around my account.

Then I uploaded my first video and it hit pretty quickly 200k views, I continued to
upload four more videos that day, After 24 hours I had 7k followers and I put the link in bio This is why I like to have the website
built ahead of time because If we didn't I would have missed out on prolly $2k in sales.

My account was rolling and videos were hitting 100k, 200k, 400k views, and sales were rolling in but nothing crazy yet so I continued to upload five videos a day.
I started testing different video formats and trends. Then for the next 5days things were solid I was sitting around 50k followers and views were added then boom a format/trend hit for us with 3M views.

I started recreating trends in every different possible way and kept getting hits because of which lead to me gaining over
70k followers in a single day. Now as you can see there's no secret sauce to this.

I think what made this possible for me was two main things.

1. Untapped products (something people haven't seen before).
2. Testing until I found the right trend and focused on it until I started getting hits and views.

That's all for now. Thank you for reading.