I was fired 8 months ago due to a change in management.
I found my dream job within 2 weeks by applying growth marketing principles.

Here are 10 actionable pieces of advice that will help you.

1. The best jobs are not posted online.

Love a company or founder? Reach out to the company and manager beforehand.
That’s what I did. I created a job for myself.

2. Consider yourself as a product. How would you market yourself?
Build a digital portfolio aka case studies. Find your features (skills), value proposition & benefits (outcomes) to the company.
Do integrate your jobs-to-be-done as a product.

3.Create a job search rubric. Before reaching out, find out what do you want?
Don’t ask the company what they can do for you. Ask yourself what you can do for them.
I wanted to work for a mission-driven company to help them with my skills. That was the most important to me.

4. Do the homework before, don’t just check their website.
Reach out to the insider (employee/investor/friend).
Talk to their potential customers. Listen to the podcasts they were invited as a guest.
Your goal is to find a genuine fit with the homework.

5. Skills can be taught, but attitude can’t.
I’ve been an interviewer and interviewee, I learned that energy is key.
Bring your passion, curiosity, and energy to the interview.
I’ve always hired enthusiastic and energetic people more than just technical.

6. Be selective in applying but do not undermine yourself.
Silent your imposter syndrome. Apply even if you are not 100% suited. I applied as a VP of Growth but they still hired me as a Growth Marketing Lead.

7. Give away your secrets in public.
I shared my knowledge openly as a thread, I got more job offers.
Instead of just sending my CV, website, and podcast.
I also shared my viral tweet threads on marketing and it impressed the recruiters (it does not have to be viral though).

8. Use psychology to your advantage.
I created a presentation .How I would run the growth team if hired.
Shared all my ideas. In return, they had to reciprocate and respond (the rule of reciprocity).
I used social proof (my podcast, newsletter & recommendations).

9. Cold email and copywriting skills can make a difference.
I used storytelling to grab attention. I exploited the problem-agitation-solution framework.
Follow-up with more value add but with some taste (I did it with a presentation). Example below:

10. Building a personal brand is a competitive advantage.
Start a side hustle. When people can see your work online (specially in marketing).
It goes a long way.

Some recruiters told me that they were inspired and excited to learn about personal branding from me. Start now.

Thank you for reading. I’m always super proud to make an impact and help future thinkers of the world.

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