You hear everyone telling you ‘Riches in the niches’. Yet no one is telling you HOW to choose your niche. So here’s: How to find the most profitable niche, determine your North Star and take your company to the next level.

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This is because success comes when you focus on one thing.

Just 'ONE'. Start by embracing the idea of: “One path of success"



interesting is, no one advices you on how to choose your niche.


what this short article is all about. I've discussed how to find the most profitable niche, determine your superpower and take your startup to the next level.

Picking your niche and skill is the first step in your journey. It’s the vehicle that gets you to your destination.
Pick the right niche and it’s like taking a private jet to heaven. Pick the wrong niche and it’s like trying to go to heaven but with no guarantee.

It takes energy, time and dedication. That is why so many people fail. I have been a victim of this in the past too.

When I finally resolved to niche down, my income increased tenfold. It gives you a clear focus. It increases market resonance and It give you flexibility.

If at this point you haven’t decided on a skill to learn then read through my previous article on how to master a skill first.

This guide is for you if.

If you are trying to make your first £10k/m.
If you're are worried about delivering for your clients.
If you’re worried that you’ll never prove doubters wrong.
If you’re failing to break £5-20k/m.
If you suspect there has to be an easier way to make money.

Here’s the truth: The reason 98% of entrepreneurs fail is because they do not prioritize. They spend a lot of time and resources building a product or a service before validating demand and a niche. However, if you solve this problem you can hit £10k/m within 3-6 months.

In this guide, I will show you exactly how to solve this and be highly profitable.

Lets break it down.

How to find and define your niche .
How to validate the niche .
Why you should niche down .
What happens if you don’t niche down.

1.How to find and define your niche.
Here you should ask yourself, who are you helping?.
This should not take you more than 2 months for you to determine. It's mandatory to skip this since is a research.
You will need to understand outbound prospecting.

How do we really find a niche?

1. Location

Every other determining factor changes based on location. It’s easier to binging and dominate in a smaller geographical area than a larger one. Consider this when deciding where to target.

2. Vertical/industry.
If you have experience in an industry already this is your best chance. You will understand the language & challenges they face. Save yourself the headache and choose a identical market that has money.

3. Position .
Start by getting specific. Who within that industry do we want to talk to? Is it the founders? CTO? CMO? VP sales? This rises market resonance and improves the chances of progress with outbound prospecting efforts.

4. Age or experience level .
Different age ranges will require different drilling methods. Different ages have different amounts of disposable income. Consider what's important to you.

5. Size of company.
As a company grows they experience various problems. The bigger the companies the higher the buying power and a more complex decision-making process. Consider the size you want to target, is very important.

2. How do you validate the niche?

If you have been in an industry long enough you may already know it’s a valid niche with a real problem. If not? Actually speak to the prospects. For this reason you need to have an understanding of outbound prospecting.

Problems/current state.
If you can comprehend where the prospect is now you are able to identify the problem they are facing.

Ask questions that give you the knowledge to craft a winning offer. Like; How do you now spending your day? What tasks are you managing? What are your current metrics? and the like. What tools & software are you using? What do you like/dislike about it? This will help you think outside the box and come up with the right answer.

The desired outcome .
This is how you identify
a problem the market needs solving. Not one You think they need. This is why you have to dig deep to get to know their current state.

This is what you should ask yourself;
  • What are your goals in the next 12 months?​
  • What matters more than anything else right now?​
  • What’s prevented you from getting there?​
  • What have you tried before?​
  • What are you frustrated with?​
You have to go father to really find out their problems.

So this is what you need to do:
1. Define the location
2. Define the vertical
3. Define the position
4. Define experience level
5. Define the company size
6. Define the current state
7. Define the desired state

Look through the data you’ve collected and find prevalent trends. If you have done the research you will be able to identify a problem you want to solve that is is preventing them from extracting their desired state. This is how you build your offer.

3. Why else should you niche down?

You have to be copulating merciless with your time. If you are trying to serve various different industries you’re going to be spending half your time just trying to figure out what works. Do it once and it will yield for long time.

Sign 1 client.
  • Do everything you can to get results.​
  • Document each step.​
  • Collect a transformational case study.​
  • Use the case study to sell to someone else within the niche.​
  • Use the steps to repeat the result.​
  • Rinse & repeat.​
  • Refining the process as you.​

4.This is what is going to happen if you don't niche down.

You’re mushrooming an obstacle on your income and spending more time trying to figuring out a mechanism that works rather than collecting payments. At long last end up working 10x longer and harder than if you just listened. Avoid this to safe time and resources.

I assure if you take 2 months to complete this activity in full;
  • You will be ahead of 99% and you will be able to solve a real problem.​
  • You will be able to craft a winning offer.​
  • You will save days of wasted time and energy.​
  • You’ll be able to hit £10k/m FAST.​
Let me know your thoughts and I will appreciate some feedback in the comments bellow. Finally if you like this article or it was helpful ,share it.