Here are a few tips on how to solve some of life paradoxes.

life paradoxes.png

  1. Hate a trait in someone? Make peace with the same trait in yourself.
  •   Someone who is insecure about their body, tends to bodyshame others too. 
  • Someone who is insecure about their money, tends to taunt others too.

2. Having hard time trusting others? Gradually start Trusting others.

  •   You cannot be trusted easily too.
  • one way everyone tries to protect themselves from getting hurt, is by hurting others first.

3. Trying hard to impress someone? Be casual

  • The more you try to impress someone, it will be hard to grab their attention.
  • Nobody likes a try-hard.

4. More failures in your life? Keep trying, you are sure to succeed.

  • The more you’re afraid to fail, the more likely you are to fail.
  •  Success comes from improvement and improvement comes from failure.
  • Someone who fears failures, is surely a failure in life.

5. Something in life is more scary? You have a great opportunity there! you should do it.

  • Those are the Things tat are right or you are on your way to unlock great potential in your life.
  • Exception- genuinely life threatening activities.

6. The more you learn, the more you realize your ignorance.

  • Every time you gain a greater understanding, it creates even more questions than it answers.

7. Don't care about others much? Beware! you don't care about yourself too. 
  •  Every perception about others, someway or the other reflects the way you treat yourself.

8. Connected with other people over social media to a great extent? You are on the brink of loneliness in real life.

  •   Watch out, you might be feeling too lonely in your real life.
  •  Stay in touch with people around you personally, not just over the social media.

9. Something is abundant around you? Use it in the best way possible.

  •  The more available something is, the less you will want it.
  •   We always like the something that is scarce.