Let me walk you through the 3 parts of the metaverse theory.
But first, let's look at what metaverse really is.

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Metaverse is a concept of an online constant universe that combines different virtual spaces.
It is a possible future version of the internet.

What will the metaverse do for us?

The metaverse allows users to interact, meet, play, work, and collaborate in this 3D space.

Here are 3 parts of metaverse theory

Part I

It is common for people to get it wrong. Many people believe that "the metaverse" refers to a virtual world.
It's a virtual world like Roblox or Minecraft. But Metaverse is actually not a place.

Part II

It's a moment in time. Did you know that artificial intelligence has an idea of "the singularity?"
This is a moment when AI becomes smarter than human beings. Artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence.

Part III

The metaverse is a time when our digital lives are worth more than our physical ones.
It is not an overnight transformation or an invention of some steve job type.
This gradual shift has been occurring for around 20 years.

Digitalization is transforming every aspect of our lives. Technology is changing everything.

  • Work: From factories to laptops.
  • Zooms from boardrooms.
  • Friends: From neighbors to followers.
  • Where can you find people like you? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Identity: Filters are the new makeup.
  • Stories can be your billboard, allowing you to show the world who you really are.
Which is more important? What you look like in real life? or What do you look like on Facebook?

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Everything is digital. You can name it: your friends, your job or your identity.

To make matters worse, crypto makes it possible to access your assets online.
Fortnite skins have become the new skinny jeans. Your flexes should be digital if you are constantly online.

We will reach the metaverse in 10-20 years if you project further.
Digital is more important than physical in this area.
Our attention was 99% on the physical environment.
However, Tvs have dropped to 85%, computers to 70%, and smartphones to 50%.

It has taken our attention away from the physical and moved it to digital.

Energy flows where attention goes. It takes effort to get our phones out of our pockets.

If we spend 50% of our attention on our digital screens, then half of our energy will be directed towards our digital lives.

Companies will soon be able to make smart glasses that can sit right in front of our eyes for hours.
We will shift from paying 50% attention to screens to paying 90%.
This is when the metaverse begins. Our virtual life will be more important than our actual life.


  • Metaverse allows users to interact in this 3D space.
  • Metaverse is a moment in time, not a place.
  • Metaverse is a future version of the internet.
  • Metaverse takes our attention away from the physical to digital.
  • Metaverse will lead to a more virtual life where 90% of our life will be on screens.
  • Our virtual life will be more important than our physical life.
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