I have always wanted to share some of the things I've learned on my startup journey with other founders. Here are a few tips on having the right mindset, starting new habits, and building an audience.


1. Put in the time to reap the rewards.

There’s no way to get ahead except put in the time. Anyone who gets there at lightning speed either got very lucky or orchestrated fake luck.
Luck only makes a lasting impact when sustained by consistent habits. And it starts with the decision to work hard.
Do you.
Attract the right people.
Keep up-leveling your skills.

This is the method I have always stood by.

2. Change is possible if you want it.

You don't improve your life by chance. You improve your life by change.
You need to put in the effort and create that difficult change of identity and habit.
Growth only comes with change and growing requires gridding yourself so much than no lottery ticket can even compare to you.

3. Forward is always the way

Quit looking back. That's not the direction you're going.

There is a a quote by Soren that I love which says,
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." - Soren Kierkegaard

4. New habits can bring endless potential

When you build good habits, you’ll unlock a life you never thought you could live.

Here are the three habits that improved my life.

1. Sun-gazing
2. Animal-based eating (meat, seafood, fruit & raw dairy) 3
3. Daily wim Hof Method breathing.

These 3 got me so much ahead.

5. Saying no is a skill we could all benefit from

Caution: They may want your energy, time and attention. Say no if you need to That’s self-care and strong boundaries.
Remember you are in control don't let anyone else take the wheel.

6. Stop wondering if you're a writer and start publishing

“One day, I want to be a writer,” is a myth.
You are a writer the moment you hit publish.
You can be a writer today.

Backing yourself with an identity-based belief is one of the most powerful and underrated things you can do. Start today.

7. Don't dwell on it, grow because of it

Remember today’s pain is tomorrow’s power and when it hurts, keenly observe because your being taught something special.

8.Mindset is half the battle.

Apart from having the right mindset, you need to put in the work but without a strong mindset you will never go forward.

You can start today. Intentionally applying these tips will help you change your life, your business and relationships.

If you have more tips to add, feel free to add them in the comments. Chao!!