Here are the 7 Elements for Sky-rocketing your Upwork or Fiverr Gigs​


1. Optimize your Upwork SEO​

— Works similar to Google SEO.

— Find keywords that relate to the service you offer.

— Include these keywords in your Upwork title and bio.

 — Be broad with your targeting and use different related keywords.

2. Optimize Your Upwork Bio​

— Use the AIDA Copywriting Framework Attention: State big frustration of your ideal prospect Interest: What can you do for them? Desire: Results, Testimonials Action: “Send me an invite to your gig or send me a message to discuss!”

3. Optimize Your Upwork Brand​

— Use a quality profile pic, ideally smiling

 — Include writing samples in your portfolio — List out all the skills you cover, make them broad and related — Add testimonials from jobs outside of upwork

4. Optimize Your Client Discovery Process​

 — Read the job description well, and be wary of contradictions (ex: They say they’ll pay $200, but average order is $9)

 — Look for red flags, anything “off” about them

— Filter through the bad ones quickly, get to the good ones

5.Optimize Your Upwork Proposal​

— Tone should be friendly, conversational, and professional

— Show them you read what they had to offer (personalize)

 — NEVER beg. — Remove objections that you’re new by adding relevant samples

6. Optimize Your Upwork Messages​

— Don’t take too much time to respond.

 — Provide value first. Give, give, give in your proposals.

 — Get to know them a bit and build rapport before call.

— Clients will go with you because they like your vibe and think you can do it.

7. Optimize Your Discovery Calls​

 — Lead the conversation, you’re the expert

 — Ask relevant questions

— Discuss your desired pricing -Finalize contract and details of work/payment before you start (CRUCIAL)

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