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1. Active listening​

Most people think of their answer instead of listening to what the other person has to say. Active listening helps to understand and obtain information and gives the opportunity to learn. It is also a sign of respect to the speaking person.

2. Meditation​

The wise observe their own thoughts and look inward to find wisdom. By sitting in stillness they gain clarity and calmness that allows them to think before they react.

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3. Reflection​

The wise question themselves and examine their thoughts and actions from a third person’s perspective. That is why they are able to correct their own mistakes and become better everyday.

4. Reading​

Books contain the wisdom and experiences from thousands of lives. You can live only this life but through reading the wise are able to learn from others and broaden their horizon.

5. Debate​

Through constructive debate ideas and theories can be tested for their weak points. Losing an argument is no failure but an opportunity to learn.

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6. Journal​

The wise know that memories can’t be trusted. The mind alters them and remembers things different from reality. By writing down thoughts the wise not only organize their mind but see a clear picture of how things have been when they review their entries.


  1. Active Listening
  2. Meditation
  3. Reflection
  4. Reading
  5. Debate
  6. Journaling
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